Asset Secured Loan

Guaranteed loan

Utilize the assets you already have in your company to free up working capital. Guaranteed loans for condominium owners including Buy To Let. Catalyst Business Finance - Asset Secured Loans Do you know that you can use your company's existing working capitals to free up working capitals? Well, you can use outstanding bills, certified orders or agreements and even a pledged influx of resources like discounts from HMRC, trade subsidies and state resources. It allows you to quickly get your money in hand while you wait for your approved money to come in.

There are many ways Catalyst can fund your company, working with the financial service provider you may already have. Corporate financing has more to offer than just credit and overdraft facilities. Finding a perfect match for your money management needs. Does your company have its headquarters in England, Wales or Scotland?

Please click on the symbols below to learn more about each of these different financing methods. They need funding for 3 month or less and have a committed cash flow due in the same time frame. The Catalyst may prepay a portion of the monies due to you at a prearranged flat fee.

If you get the money, you repay the amount due. When you have a guarantee affirmation of a HMRC discount, state aid or other type of discount, these can be used to retrieve the money now and free it into your company.

Loans secured for investment in non-current financial instruments

A Secured Business Loan is appropriate when companies make substantial capital expenditures on tangible equipment as it allows you to pull resources against an asset such as machines or real estate. It is agreed for a definite term, usually over the anticipated lifetime of the asset used to hedge the loan, and most creditors will tender to loan up to 80-100% of the value of the asset.

In order to obtain a secured corporate loan, you can be a start-up and trade for less than a year. Nor do you necessarily have to declare your income, as the creditor offers the loan on the basis of an asset, although it is wise to do so. Creditors demand that you furnish an asset of reasonable value as collateral, the value of which is usually at least 100-125% of the loan amount.

They must have capital resources / net wealth in the company. Secured corporate loans are secured against an asset. Are you prepared to push ahead with your corporate financing?

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