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The Atlantic Mortgage

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Valuations Atlantic Bay's IT division is the best. Our focus is clear and we have an excellent working atmosphere. More and more there is to do, to research and to develop, and we get the possibility to do so. It is our primary objective to keep Atlantic Bay's people as efficient as possible - something we work on every workday.

There have been a great many contributions recently from angry individuals who have been out of a job, but from a present member of staff I have to say that these ratings are so far from the real world. Whilst it is always tragic when a person loses his or her job, it is said that he or she did not do any work and was heavily overstaffed.

It'?s a per, I think, that the manager?s not breathing down his throat and the micro-management. Yeah, we have a tech that doesn't always work, but I also think it's an advantage that owner and managers are aggressive in pursuing new technologies and platform to try to be up to date.

This is due to the incredible loyality of the owner and senior managers who want to give everyone the opportunity to be as much as possible effective. Sadly, after giving individuals several opportunities and divisions to work in, it still sometimes doesn't work. We' ve had our best month ever for several divisions and the entire mortgage business!

Here are a lot of possibilities for those who are looking for a way to prosper. When you cannot stimulate individuals with opportunities for personal development, you need to find an alternate way to engage individuals with high motivation. However, concentrate on what we do best - mortgage loans. Terrible managment.

Extremely poisonous working area. Bad managerial choices made on a regular base cause bad morals and worries. Top executives need to be more clear about the choices they make every single working day. Every single decision they make is a matter of course. Excellent social services, friendly staff to work with, officers' discounts, etc. Well, most of the staff are cute. I' m trying to wax too quick.

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