Bank Equity

Equity of the Bank

Export- and credit bank, capital investment Projectnumber: Company division: Environment category: Capital participation of up to DM 6 million in the ECB through a combined issue of new common and nonvoting preferred stock for a 31 per cent interest in the ECB, of which 10 per cent is entitled to vote. As a result, the ECB will become a powerful medium-sized bank, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises and private customers.

It will help the Bank to become a consolidating plattform and to gain a future strategy investment. There is a high transitional effect capacity in the programme as it will contribute to consolidating the fragmentary bank sectors. The ECB is a small private bank in FYROM based in Skopje.

Founded in 1993, it is mainly involved in business activities with a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) background. Also in the foreseeable future it will concentrate on small and medium-sized businesses and try to develop its private customer business. 6 million DM capital participation in the ECB through a combined issue of new common stock with the right to vote and conversion of non-voting preferred stock.

When carrying out these processes, the ECB will ask its creditors to at least meet national/local standards for occupational heath, safety, environment and social responsibility. To find out how to order a report from the Board, please go to the page below to find out more. For information on how to file a claim, please refer to the Project Complaint Mechanism page.

Downtown Mortgage Bank Equity and liabilities

Projectnumber: Company division: As part of the proposal, the Bank will provide a credit to City Equity Bank and an equity facility to City Equity Bank to help grow its mortgages businesses. Providing assistance to a specialised mortgagor that supports the evolution of both the prime and collateral mortgages market.

Develop a standardized mortgages package with the aim of supporting the evolution of the subprime markets, either through the securitization of Pfandbriefe or through Pfandbriefe. Strengthening competitiveness in the Russia mortgagesector. Sound mortgages will help to increase funding streams for the private mortgages sectors to encourage real estate property ownership and asset movement, which are important pillars of financial sustainability.

The CityMortgage Bank, a specialized Moscow-based mortgages bank offering mortgages in Moscow, Moscow Krai, St. Petersburg and other parts of the state. To find out how to order a Public Sector Board report, please see the Public Information Policy page below. For information on how to file a claim, please refer to the Project complaint mechanism page.

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