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TEG frais de dossier (French bank loan interest & charges for bank loans in France) You can request your bank to change your home loan interest rate to a floating rate basis. Fees for bank credits in France TEG fragis de dossier TEG franis de file

Compared to many other economies, interest rates are generally low, beginning at around 2.0% (2018). You can, however, reckon with paying an administration charge referred to as fragis de dossier, but look around as in some cases there are no charges. It is also possible that you are required to take out a policy that covers approximately 0.5% of the loan.

However, this requirement is not always necessary based on your circumstance and the amount of the loan. Don't agree with the face interest rates, as creditors are obligated to inform you of the actual (APR) interest rates (see TEG, below), which include the costs of the commission. Accordingly, a low face value with charges could indeed be more favourable than a high face value without charges.

Is it possible to reduce home and private bank lending at a variable interest rates?

Your bank may be required to change your home loan interest rates to a variable one. As soon as a borrowing party chooses MCLR, however, it is no longer possible to change back to the basic interest system. Interest rates can only be changed twice during the whole amortization time. In order to change your interest rates from static to variable, you will be asked to make a minimal payment, which will vary from bank to bank.

The bank does not give you the opportunity to lower your interest rates on variable interest rates for private credits. After all, private credits are always granted at a set interest and do not offer any possibility of change. Yes, for a mortgage loan you can ask your bank to lower your mortgage interest rates online with the MCLR of the bank down.

Recently, RBI has cut rates by 25 base points, so we can soon see a decrease in MCLR. As soon as this is notified by your bank, you should preferably have your lending interest loweredutomatically. Your bank will usually not lower the interest rates for a private loan because it is not given on a variable one.

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