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Mortgages rose in April as the prospects of higher interest during the year led house owners to commit to cheaper transactions. The mortgage credit rose in April as the prospects of higher interest in the course of this year led house owners to commit to cheaper transactions. £20.4bn value of lending, a return of around 14pc on the same monthly figure last year. UK Finance's Eric Leenders, Managing Direktor of Personnel Finance, said that expected increases in interest levels had led many to take out new loans while lending was still inexpensive.

Almost half of all London shoppers get help from their parent. This makes the "Bank of Mom and Dad" the counterpart of a mortgage creditor of 5.7 billion pounds.

More information on mortgage providers and mortgage administration Statistical information

Creditors who only grant unregulated loans are not obliged to present the MLAR. There is a stand-alone datasource for mortgage credit stats from the Bank of England's Money and Credit statistic yields, known as BE, IS and ER form. This MLAR statistic provides a series of information on mortgage lending, including:

In August 2008, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) released the first series of mortgage providers and administrator stats using MLARs. Currently the Bank of England and the FCA publish the figures about 2 month after the end of the quarters and they are available on the website of each organization. At present, historic issues of the FSA statistical publications are also available on the FSA website.

The mortgage lender and mortgage manager mortgages from MLAR are available at a lower rate - quarter on quarter rather than month on month - than the Bank of England's money and credit lending statistic for individual loans and are less prompt. This information comes from the Mortgage Lenders & Administrators Return (MLAR) document, which is shared between the Bank of England PRA and the FCA.

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