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Often, the granting of loans to your employees or their relatives can result in an obligation to report a beneficial loan to HMRC. Fiscal and reporting rules for employers granting loans to employees. Ask Sage - Advantageous loans If the interest payable is below the interest officially payable and the maximum amount of the credit always rises above 10,000, a credit is considered advantageous. This is the sum of the loans if an associate has more than one loans in the same accounting periods. Choose the desired employees and click on Loans from employer under Payments.

ReferenceEnter a clear credit card references. No. of joint borrowersIf you have several debtors, specify the number of them. The information is for informational use only and is not contained in any calculations of benefits under A11D. There are no taxpayer benefits for loans associated with delocalisation. Opening dateEnter the date on which the loans were opened.

Sag 50 will use this date together with the credit amount to determine whether the £10,000 threshold was breached in the year. First AdvancedDate By default this is set to the date the credit was taken; if necessary, specify the date of the credit template. Closing dateEnter the date on which the system will close the loans.

The information is provided on the basis of the data provided and cannot be modified. OpenCalculate the opening balances of the loans. Entering the opening inventory on April 5, 2017, if the loans originate from an earlier year. In the case of a running year loans, specify the opening date debit memo for the opening date of the year.

When no ending balances or transactions detail are specified, the opening balances are used to compute the amount due at the end of the year. Maximum balanceFill in the highest possible amount for the credit, this should contain all extra advance payments to the staff member. Final balanceIf a disbursement is made, specify the amount of the disbursement immediately before the last disbursement.

Sage 50 PIN11D calculates a modified ending account on the basis of the transaction data if no ending account balances are used. It is not possible to set the ending balances to zero. ZinszahlungEnter the amount of interest payment made by the interest payer. If the worker makes all or more than the amount of interest due at the formal interest tax level, the amount of the payment to be taxed is zero.

Select an alternate from the dropdown box if necessary. PAYE'd Amount (Loan)If you have arranged with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to make payment of the amount of income taxes due on the service via the employee's payslip, specify the amount from which the taxes were withheld. PAYE'd Amount (Depreciation) If you have arranged with the HMRC to settle the due amount of taxation on the depreciated amount via the employee's payslip, specify the amount from which the taxation was withheld.

Service is considered to have been performed via an Open Access Agreement if a Cash Foregone value greater than zero is used. Refund (Advance)/RepaymentEnter the amount of the refund or refund. Saga 50 PB11D re-calculates the pending account deficit. Prepayments must be recorded as minus sums. Select an alternate from the dropdown box if necessary.

Posted amount Specify the value of the amount depreciated. Click Exit to go back to the Sage 50 POS 11D screen.

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