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Guaranteed loans, home equity and HELOC: What you need to know. Understanding a HELOC is best done by looking at it as a credit card. "You should definitely look for the best price. Approval for a total loan amount is granted by the bank for a home equity credit line. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.

A., No. Home Equity Credit Line**.

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Which is the best way for us to fund the end stage of a renovation scheme for a typical France farm? Q. Three years ago my husband and I bought a partly refurbished mould house in France. It was our intention to use the real estate as a family holiday home like we! as a spring for rentals.

Now we are looking for the best way to fund the end stage of this venture. On the basis of the information provided, I would suggest that you consider an equity releasing program. Equity release" refers to the releasing of available equity from current property ownership. The other conditions for this kind of loans are out of cash refinancing, second home mortgage, home equity loans or home equity line of credit.

In the UK, stock clearance is a type of transaction where the customer provides the bank with the ownership of his or her holding in return for a fixed rate and/or a periodic flow of cash from the bank. Owners retain use of the real estate until they die, when the real estate is resold and the bank is refunded.

For France, the equity relief or payout refinance refers to a mortgages where the bank gives you money and you repay it in the form of one-month installments. Currently, up to 75% of the value of the real estate can be opened to other properties by financial institutions. However, if the real estate currently has an open credit, this credit must be simultaneously repaid.

Total loans and disbursements may not exeed 75%. The reason for this is that the bank will not agree to be second only to another creditor or applicant if the debtor ceases to make the payment of the credit and the ownership has to be confiscated and resold. Further general credit directives around the introduction of equity capital in France comprise a minimal amount of credit of 70,000 to 200,000 euros, a maximal credit period of 20 years and evidence of the capability to make credit payments on a regular basis.

The capacity to pay back is determined as the sum of all outstanding amounts per month and may not be more than one third of the normal month's salary. Regrettably, however, France's banking system will not provide a free equity injection to allow it to consolidated other liabilities in order to achieve this third of the debt-to-earnings position after being consolidated. There are several different types of product available, and the choice of the best product for you will depend both on your personal finances and on the objectives of the proposed investment.

It is important to recall that when a bank releases equity, it must make an formal demand or "first charge" on the land for the approved assets. The pledge is called a mortgage and the procedure can only be carried out by a qualified lawyer. Borrowers who do not wish to go to France in order to personally conclude this act may do so remotely by means of a proxy signed by a regional civil law lawyer or representative.

My suggestion would be that your next move should be to talk to a qualified consultant who will help you find the most appropriate one.

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