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The best bank for applying for a mortgage

Obtain an offer and apply today. Please contact us if you have any questions about applying for a mortgage with us. Chat on the phone with a mortgage advisor or visit your local office.

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Answers to the most common mortgage questions: Which documentation is required for a mortgage request? How high is the level of the public debts in France? An example of a mortgage purchase in FranceWhy do I need mortgage protection? Compromises de venteThe Notary - le NotaireWhat is the EURIBOR? is an independant mortgage brokers working with all the major francophone financial institutions.

For over ten years we have been helping English-speaking ex-patriates and non-residents to buy property in France. The UK staff has the knowledge and skills to find the best product and condition. Their mortgage advisor will support and accompany you during the entire procedure and give you valuable Tipps and pieces of advice. to you.

Profit from our free and individual services and get the best terms. Which documentation is required for a mortgage request? Documentation required for a mortgage request may differ according to your individual and your finances. After you have reviewed your account with your mortgage advisor, you will be sent a customised mailing list. Please contact your mortgage advisor to discuss your details.

Contract of sale, compromise de vente, How much can I rent? Non-residents can usually pay 80-85% of the cost of the sale, also known as Loan To Value (LTV). A key factor in mortgage protection in France is the revenue-to-expenditure relationship, better known as the debt relationship.

Your mortgage advisor is the only one who can offer you your creditworthiness. How high is the level of the public debts in France? France's indebtedness rate is a computation of expenditure on property (loans, mortgage, rents, child benefit, etc.) broken down by earnings (salary, rents, etc.). Normally this should be within 33%. In calculating this rate, all France's banking institutions may take a very different stance and set different thresholds for the MTO.

Charge for bank details will vary from bank to bank. An example of a buy with finance Mr and Mrs SMITH, a UK pair buys a cottage in France. What do I need mortgage protection for? In France, mortgage protection is required by law. The mortgage will be paid out in the case of mortality or severe disability.

For more information, please consult your mortgage advisor. Compromise Compromise is a purchase treaty, a treaty between vendor and purchaser. As soon as the compromise de vente has been undersigned by all contracting partners, a 7-day cool-down phase begins, at which point a down payment of 5-10% is made.

After the 7 day period, you are obliged to buy the real estate covered by the mortgage. If the bank rejects the mortgage within the 30-45 day period, the security will be refunded. Please consult your mortgage advisor for more information on this type of taxation.

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