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What a change in the Bank of England's base rate could do to affect your mortgage payment. The NatWest Bank has set the entry level for its construction financing at a high level. The awards we have received are a great recognition of our range of mortgage products.

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That means less work for you and a better business with your mortgage. You don't have to speak Spanish! Although there has been a huge closure of branch offices and several major bank merger in Spain since 2008, Spain is still the European nation with the highest number of bank offices per head.

Different bankers have different preference for the kind of mortgage they are looking for. However, this may vary from country to country within the same bank. Because of the way Castilian banking is run, not only will you receive different offers from different institutions, you can also get a different offer for the same mortgage in the same institution by going to another one!

So if you can speak Spanish where you can look around, how to present your proposal and have enough spare moment - we can ensure that you will find a broad range between the best and the poorest mortgage offers. With us, for a small set charge, you avoid both frustration and spending your free hours without having to go to several different mortgage houses to find the best mortgage business.

This is because the change to a mortgage is very costly due to the system in Spain, so it is important to make the best business ever. Taking into consideration the nature of the real estate you are purchasing, the asking rate, the situation and your individual characteristics, we speak with various financial institutions and find the best and most favourable mortgage for you.

At our company you just submit one job offer and submit it to many different banking institutions. Most recently, he worked for a Madrid-based bank, Bankinter, as Director de Cuentas - Extranjeros. Mortgage in four stages..... A mortgage granted by a bank in Spain is usually tied to a particular type of real estate. If we have got quotes from the bank, choose the mortgage that suits you best.

If we are unable to provide you with a mortgage, the charge is fully recoverable! You can' give me a mortgage, can I get my cash back? Yes, the 495? charge is fully reimbursable if we cannot provide you with a mortgage.

Instead of sterling, why should I take out a mortgage in euro? As Spain has Euro, if you decide to buy the house later, you will get the Euro amount. When you take out a mortgage in another denomination, you run the risk that the selling rate will not match the mortgage you have in another denomination due to changes in foreign currencies.

May I open a bank in Spain in anticipation? When you are already a client of a bank in Spain, we cannot usually provide you with a mortgage with interest at a reduced rate from that bank. As you already have a client relation, they will only provide off-the-shelf tariffs.

Our prices are lower because we have automised many of the recurring jobs, we have great mortgage handling expertise for non-Spanish clients and we want to be the biggest mortgage brokers in Spain. Are my data secure with you? What better way to get a mortgage interest than by contacting the bank myself?

Briefly, because we have been working on the other side of the chart for years, we have many choice of bank and we are arranging many mortgage deals - we get an offer that we can call "wholesale price". For how long will it take to process a mortgage?

There will be no contacting the bank until you have provided us with all the necessary information. Usually when we get started, we have a response from all our bankers within 3 business days. Please let us know if you have any questions. If you choose an option, the evaluation usually lasts one weeks and the preparations for the appointment of the civil law lawyer another one.

Determine how much you need to buy the desired real estate! Compute your mortgage repayments and the estimates of your tax and expenditure associated with purchasing a home in Spain. Opening fee: Real estate price: - Senior mortgage: Costs when purchasing the property: Interest and bank quotes are constantly changing and since we know a little about your circumstances, we can often give you a good estimate of the quotes you will get from the bank.

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