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Right when you thought you'd be reading all about paying day loanharks.....

. Loaned 100 pounds for a single overnight and owed 19,000 pounds.

Daily Mail Danny Cheetham only wanted 100 pounds for one night. Mm. There was £19,000 thanks to the payment day loan shares. Ten years ago, when Danny Cheetham signed his first payment day loan, he only wanted 100 pounds for one overnight stay. Back then he was a 19 year old college graduate at Salford University and the repayment of 128 after 22 workingdays did not seem like a poor business.

As soon as he had released the first loan, the late Wonga made him another offer. He could have 420 for 38 whole day this year. However, when the £585 was due to be paid back, an unanticipated bill said he did not have the cash. Thus he went to another high-priced short-term borrower to lend £275.

Things began to twist over a decade, with Danny jumping between payment date borrowers and lending hundred at a time in order to get rid of the companies that chase him. Costly credits were remitted to his account within a few moments of a text. Despite Danny's huge debt, the credits were granted. At the end of last year he was asked for three discrete £1,240 mortgages before disbursing the first.

Overall he thinks he has been paying almost 19,000 in interest to paying day creditors. Danny, now 29, has his liabilities under wraps and will be released from them until the age of 30. However, analysts say its history highlights just how simple payment day loan companies make it for folks to raise up costly debt. What's more, it's a great way to get your money back.

While Wonga no longer exists, there are a dozen other companies that appear in their place with even more reckless policies. A few promises to transfer funds to your bank in less than 90 seconds. Some allow the borrower to renew their loan by simply texting. There are some who provide bonus payments when you recommend a boyfriend and paying cash back when you lend more.

Others say that it supervises customers' cash in banks and charges their accounts when they fall below a certain amount. According to expert opinion, advertising aimed at young adults and family members is returning to normal, which is a very expensive way to lend cash. A number of companies maintain that they are an "alternative" to paying day mortgages, although in fact they work in the same way.

Founded in 2008, Lending Stream alleges to be a reliable supplier of alternative payment options. Headquartered in Nordlondon, the company says it can transfer funds to your bank in 90 seconds and allows clients to take out more than one loan at a time. What's more, it's able to make a single transfer to your bank accounts in 90 seconds. Up to £800 can be borrowed by new clients and up to 1,500 over six month credit for those who return.

Oakam, another short-term lending company also headquartered in northern London, provides creditors with points for making contacts and making refunds that can be converted into cash or coupons. You' ll also get 1 for each boyfriend you ask to take out a loan via Oakam (up to five per week).

£3 more, plus 10 if they are authorised. However, it does charge up to 1,421 percent interest on credits. Thus if you were to lend 800 over six month you would repay £1,502. Blame philanthropy Stepchange says it is worried that any incentive that encourages borrowing could divert attention from important things like prices.

Safety Net Credit was introduced in 2012 and claimed to be less expensive than an overshoot. Clients are obliged to provide the Company with their routing number, accountnumber, credit cards data and online password so that the Company can gain full control of their accounts. The Safety Net Credit charge is £80 per person per day per 100 of loan.

Ferratum, established in Helsinki and operational in the UK since 2011, enables clients to request credit of between 50 and 1,000 by SMS, which can be authorised within one hours. According to a Safety Net Credit spokesperson, it provides a lower cost option to bank overdraft, and verifies affordable pricing.

When the line of credit is difficult to administer, it says that it will work to solve the problem.

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