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I am assisting a Spaniard boyfriend who has been living and working full time in the UK for several years, who has never been in indebtedness or had a credit or debit cards, has paid a huge amount of taxes and still can't even get a cell phones subscription because there is an unfamiliar issue with his creditworthiness.

You provided a support number, but when we phoned it was altered. On calling 0330 024 7574, her new support number went directly to a seven-point meal as indicated on her record notice. In fact, they have made it virtually unfeasible to talk to anyone in their company about a topic.

Someone just realized Alses with a similar name has their poor credit showing on my credit record which affects my credit! We need to verify this - please send us an e-mail to so that we can receive your information and examine it so that you can see what has been happening. Monumental differences in evaluation criterion between Equifax and Experian.

Each credit bureau has a one-of-a-kind method for computing and indicating your creditworthiness, so there is no way to compare them directly. Therefore, it is often advisable to use more than one credit bureau when verifying your creditworthiness in order to get an overview of how each of the agencies assesses you.

We have a UK support staff that will be pleased to assist you. Noble added a stranger's monetary and biographical data to my wife's credit balance, which destroyed her credit worthiness, reducing the bank's credit line from several thousand to less than 500 and causing two unnecessary credit checks in a row.

Noble's not sortin' it out now, I plan on contactin' FCA. So I needed some help from this company after my pass and my notebook were taken and they were very useful. Now, I run the risk of my request for a loan being rejected just because of their lack of competence and horrible client support. Horrible company, processes broke down, unless the resulting trial is for any division without accountability and authority to fix them.

The Noddle is an utter wit and a great example of this, don't answer e-mails - just write a letter with information that conflicts with the information it contains. I still can't find the fix and once I've got it off, I have to waste my life trying to build up my credit even though it was a bug ????

To me - shocking...they actually confessed not to have followed their own safeguards against me in an e-mail and gave a fraudster/fraudster open admission to my credit record, which they alleged was a "significant part" of the information. After that, scammers ran out as soon as they had my ID and call credit login, along with Noddle/Total Money's credit requests.

Following 3 pleas to ask and prove it, it is the true ego and the true ego to give entrance to what they cling to me..... I' m no further advanced, namely two week since the last e-mail and two followers of the customer service representative who eventually responded, but not why she cannot or does not want to give me permission to open my database and what information they have stored about me, but to say that they have nothing else to say and will no longer reply and will go to the financial officers.

Can I only assume that my database is in a bit of confusion since they let someone have my personal information and went a burden of credit on my behalf and don't want me to see it - or can't unlock/grant a new one once its reached ?

You do not act like Equifax and CreditExpert - who are professionals and respond. Please feel free to get in touch with us. Kundenservice etc........ This company just stopped me, I hesitate to call them to fix anything because of the huge difficulties they had on this reviewsite.

wether this company is comprehensive b/s or a fraud to cut down people's total credit record i don't know but something doesn't go right. i've been paying altogether a big story all over and indicated how it was, but for some reason or another i don't have a story with this company. maybe its worth its tired of passing the flare by to a more traditional and well-equipped company. very poor shape call credit.

You' re obviously not doing very well as a credit insurance broker with high credit ratings, are you?! This company, I believe, should be scrutinised equally by the UK authorities and all creditors. These company A** hats could not put together a riddle if it had already been stuck together for them.

No company should use these jerks or depend on their camouflage and knife routine. Very repulsive and deceptive client services that leave a bitterness in the after-taste. Unless we talk to you, we cannot see why you have not been able to see a credit histories review with us.

Information from all major banking institutions, savings and loan associations and credit cards firms. Some of the biggest creditors are sharing their information with all 3 credit bureaus, so most information about your credit reports should be the same in all three of them. So I came to Noddle to see what was going on, I knew I was in the top 5% of the nation and my credit score was great as I checked it periodically through Expert and Clearsscore, IT TURNS OUT THEY HAVE ME MIXED UP WITHOMEONE WITH THE SAME NAME!

Now I have to go through e-mails and await up to 3 week before it is fixed and meanwhile I've dropped my overshoot until Noddle sends evidence that they've fixed their huge bug, Amateurs are an error of misstatement as this should be fixed immediately, not within 3 week!

That' s how I can log in NOW and on anyone ELSE'S HEISTORY ADDRESSES, DEBT'S-EVERYTHING! till they fix it - incredible! It'?s the total chaos of a company. Call- credit provisioning node. Over the past 7 time period, 7 time period person given me depression that faculty feeling my approval record for thing disbursed in November.

Talk credit and noddle are one and the same. And the best that Call Credit & Noddle can do is to shut down and go into receivership because they are a parasitical, treacherous pile of total pleasure in every meaning of the term. Terrible company with no brains. You also misspelled my name - again all other agents have the right way of writing - certainly this is a basic mistake - again how can businesses build on what this company has to say.

Years are spent establishing a big loan to get a big credit rating for someone like that who comes in seconds and beats you up - very furious and frustrated. There' s a complaint process, a wit - 28 days for a reply - why wait so long for something so important, especially when businesses base their choices on what that company has to say about you.

As it seems, this company's main activity is to help you selling high-yield credits and calling cards. Here are some of the ways that you can get the most out of your credit. The company must be closed to prevent people's life from being totally destroyed. It'?s a terrible thing to do with this company. I' ve got bugs in my credit file: So I can really see why it is not a fast solution to fix the credit card at this opportunity.

When someone was looking at my credit record, they would clearly see that there are two different people on it. I' ve got someone else's entire credit record at my disposal. Our credit analysis experts were not successful in their efforts to get your information manually", could not even get a single statement from them, none of the other credit agencies had a dilemma.

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