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Twenty ways to avoid debts forever It'?s official: we're a indebted people. In the UK the median level of individual indebtedness (excluding mortgages) is 8,761 per home - and as a country we spent the first 50 working day of each year earning interest on the cash we owed. Just obey these 20 easy moves and you can realize your dreams of a lifetime without debts.

"Saying someone else reduces the stress," says Mike Thomas, Moneywise's own Debtwizard and indebtedness specialist. Setting up a saving cushion for upcoming emergency situations is priceless, but if you are in the unhappy situation of getting into debts already, you should pay off the debts of your own priorities. "About 80% of my customers have never created a household account, they just confuse it with their current account loans and credit cards," says Thomas.

So, with charitable organizations and free counselling services apparently extended to the extreme, does it make more sense instead to make money for help? Still, the overpowering benefit of non-inflating organizations is that you know that 100% of your payouts go towards decreasing your debts. But Thomas warned against being in a hurry to repay small debts over an unbelievably long period of times, as this did not address the problem but only delay it.

Don't expect the highest interest bearing loan to be your top rank. "Often enough, you have to start paying out your credit-card because of the interest rates, but you have to start paying your debts," says Thomas. A credit cardholder can be used in three different ways: to withdraw money, to make shopping arrangements and to transfer money.

6 percent annual interest; and you have drawn money at a discrete 27. 9 percent annual interest. Rather than first settling the most costly debts, your payment is first aligned to the account closing, while the interest on your purchases and disbursements increases rapidly. Secret Versus Unsecured LoansYou can get a better business with a secure credit, but that's because it's secure against your possession.

When you default on a payment, you run the risk to lose your home or other precious asset, which you would not do with an uncovered mortgage. And Thomas also thinks there's no such thing as an insecure guilt when you're a house owner. It is possible to obtain a new credit either from the local banks or by taking out a home insurance policy.

Your new loans will provide a much lower interest and bring your monetary installments down. "Humans don't know that payment will be made over a much longer period and pay effective interest on interest," says Shields. There is a risk that the borrower will pay off his debts with more debts, which is all too simple for him to get into a vicious circle in which he owes cash here, there and everywhere.

Keep in mind that any unlicensed loans are considered "unenforceable", which means that you cannot lawfully be compelled to repay them. Nor have you done anything juridically incorrect by lending yourself from a credit shark and cannot be pursued. For information about credit sharks, please call the local illicit money lending helpline at 0300 555 2222.

cep your partner's you' debents separate If you are living with a spouse and have unfunded debt, provided they are only on your behalf, you can still be prosecuted for bankruptcy without your spouse being asked to pay them back or there is a danger to the apartment you are sharing.

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