Best Credit Card for Person with no Credit

The best credit card for people without a credit card

The Creation covers several applications for different cards of the same person. Cookies are used to provide you with the best possible online experience. Imports and categorizes your latest bank, credit card and PayPal transactions. Explore every feature, add unlimited users, no credit card required.

A Cyber Monday warning: Protect your credit card from cheating.

On Cyber Monday, coming from across the world, consumers looking for business on Cyber Monday have been alerted by Commission to be alert to possible credit card scams. According to a poll conducted on behalf of the firm, every fifth person was cheated by credit card last year.

That is 11.4 million across the country and illustrates the increasing credit card exposure to credit cards in the UK. Comparethemarket' credit card scam index showed that in some cases card scam survivors had suffered significant losses. 45% of the time, clients found themselves out of their pockets, with a hacker robbing an estimated £801 per person.

On the basis of these numbers, comprarethemarket estimated that the British populace last year could have been stole 4.1 billion pounds. 19% of the hackers, for example, admit not to have a back-up credit card. Indicating that safety standards may be loose. Most surprisingly, only 6% of hackers had switched credit card providers as a consequence of the cyber attack, while nearly three-quarters hadn't even thought about switching accounts.

Simon McCulloch, executive manager at comprarethemarket, told bankers and retail traders to do their best to help prevent customer cheating. "However, individuals should not be completely dependent on their bank's secure system, but should take crucial measures to secure themselves - such as having more than one password and periodically reviewing their credit card account information on-line.

"A back-up credit card makes sure you can still make a purchase even if another bank is blocked by fraud," he added. These are the most important hints from komparethemarket to keep you secure online:

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