Best Credit Card for someone with no Credit History

The best credit card for someone with no credit card history

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The La Liga could train the Premier League how to be able to compete. Football.

While there are many things to consider when it comes to what makes one division better than another, over the years the Premier Division has been seen as a contest where anyone can beaten. Of course this applies to any division, but it is an increasing ill-informed presumption when you apply it to the English top group.

That the Premier League is more competitively positioned than its rivals will be brought into play this year. The major European football groups currently have six undefeated sides, half of whom come from England, with Juventus, Borussia Dortmund and PSG all setting undefeated Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea heights.

For the first year in the history of British soccer, three top class sides have played the first 12 fixtures of the tournament without defeat. Having three undefeated crews is unparalleled, but having two yourself is extremely uncommon. It is the Premier League's twenty-seventh term and only once before have two sides achieved this phase of the year without defeat - back in 2007-08, when Arsenal and Liverpool had not yet been defeated after 12 outings.

It' s funny that none of these associations won the division this year. At the end of the year, they were both under Manchester United and Chelsea - the two sides who played in the Champions Liga finals this year. Both Arsenal and Liverpool may have been hard to collapse at the beginning of this year, but they were in no way as domineering as the present élite.

Premier League was more athletic in the first few rounds. The top three of this phase - Norwich, Blackburn and Coventry - had already suffered five losses between them in their very first 1992-93 outing. Nottingham Forest, who took home 9th place this year and was dropped the followingummer, was the first to reach this phase of the cycle without defeat in the 1995-96 seasons.

With three undefeated teams at this juncture, the status of the division this year is in stark opposition to its beginnings, with only three undefeated teams in the first ten years of the competition: The Nottingham Forest 1995-96, Arsenal 1997-98 and Aston Villa 1998-99.

Arsenal was the only one of these teams who later became champion. It' just as much an alarm this time of year at the bottom of the desk. Neither of the seven lowest teams in the division - Newcastle, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Southampton, Cardiff, Huddersfield and Fulham - have scored more than nine points in their first 12 outings.

With 29 games against last season's six best players, this group won just one point out of the 87 available - a point Crystal Palace scored in their 2-2 tie with Arsenal. Lower crews do not only have to fight against the best crews of the game.

Neither of them has won more than two matches; they have each won 12 matches (84 in total), but have only 11 wins between them (most of them against each other); and none of the lower five teams in the division has defeated a top half of them.

But the discrepancy between the best and the remainder of the Premier League is even greater when you compare the divisions with their European rivals. The league in particular has been dismissed by many in England because of the alleged competitive shortage, but the Spanish supporters enjoy an unforeseeable and very enjoyable year.

At least every league side has suffered one loss this year. The current leaders are Barcelona, but after losing 4-3 to Reals Betis over the week-end, their points would only be enough to finish fifth in the Premier League, just ahead of Arsenal at the post.

Whereas the top five of the Premier League only lost five matches, the top five in Spain - without Real Madrid - have been defeated twelve more. Spain's top four are only one point apart, with only a 10 point difference between leading Barcelona and Valencia 14, who last year reached the Champion's League places.

In the Premier Leagues there are some competitive advantages, but it is included up and down in the division. However, the saison has only caused a few shock events. The Manchester United shape was unexpectedly bad, and both Bournemouth and Watford earn great recognition for their stunning start, but all in all this is not a long lasting one.

Premier Leagues were once called the best in the game and then the most competetive, but the power of these demands is waning. There' s no doubt that England supporters are currently seeing some of the best sides on the African Continent, but the unpredictability of the Liga has given us a pretty undervalued launch into the year.

You want to see a riot, the Premier League is the last place you gotta look. Our paper revenue had declined and the technology that linked us to a worldwide public had deducted the publicity dollars from the newsgroups. We are beginning to emerge from the pressing economic crisis we have been confronted with, thanks to all those people who have contributed to our research based editorial work, through our articles, our memberships and our subscription services.

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