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Best-of-breed credit card provider

Best and Bottom Credit Card Suppliers for Client Services This year, First Direct again received this distinction. Although the company provides two credit card services, a credit card (standard) and a card of credit (gold), it is the customer services that gain the confidence of its clients. For example, a First Direct card holder said he voted for the provider "because you get to someone immediately and he bends back to help you".

With First Direct acquiring a number of securities for its call center support services, it is not strange that First Direct also receives the grand prize for its credit card call center. Talking about the Times they have called up to talk about their credit card, one card holder said: "At First Direct we have outstanding client support and our scam tracking system is very good.

Our after sales staff are always ready to help and always effective. "Clients also liked the fact that they not only reached a range of automatic menu items but also genuine humans and that the call centers were located in the UK. One Direct receives this accolade and is praised by its credit card clients for its on-line services, which one client calls "excellent".

Particularly dazzling are the on-line account extracts and the invoicing functionalities. And while monitoring your credit is a good way to detect a scam, First Direct's scam prevention services are also appreciated by people. Excellent service," said one client. Even though it was not in the decline for its credit card list last year, Santander remained at the bottom of the list in this year' s downtrend.

A client said he didn't like to call 0870 numbers, often a value-added number, especially if the centers are abroad. A client also called into question the services he had been receiving and said:

What is the best credit card for your support?

Are there any other airline companies that charge us for payment by credit card? American Express took first place in the broader poll in five different classifications, among them the entire credit card provider of the year, with Virgin Money just behind in four. There were only five of eleven classifications this year where consumer experience exceeded 70 points, and consumers were dissapointed with Web sites and widespread mobility across the business.

New EU legislation, which determines how much card issuers can make from Visa and Mastercard payments, is likely to have contributed to the results. Therefore, several large Visa or Mastercard using debit or credit card had to reduce the advantages. This year, retailers and big high-street brands fought to gain category after taking many of the top places in the 2015 poll.

Task force Jackson, uSwitch's financial expert:

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