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Every credit card available in the UK that offers travel rewards checks this series of items. Which is the best Visa or Mastercard to earn miles and points? Credit card preferred by Chase Ink Business. The best credit card for frequent flyer miles. Aqua Reward credit card has a unique place on the market as it is the only cashback award card and travel card for people with a lower credit rating.

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Every credit card available in the UK that provides credit for this range of items is checked. Every month, each item is refreshed to take account of changes to the sign-up rebate, and the whole item is re-written once a year. The American Express Platinum Business customer card checked - is it really valuable?

Acqua Reward credit card verification: Best discounts for weak loans?

Aqua Reward credit card has a singular place on the water as it is the only cash back award card and trip card for people with a lower creditworthiness. With 0.5% cash back on all your shopping, it can be useful for your daily spending. Furthermore, it does not levy foreign exchange charges for foreign currency shopping, so you can use it when travelling without foreign exchange charges.

Aqua Reward credit cards can offer decent cash back reward for those who are working to enhance their credit rating. Indeed, it is the only credit-boosting card that will pay cash back (0.5%) on your purchase, making it a great card for daily use. When your expenses are more food or gas oriented, you can with a toll free card like the Asda Credit Card or the Asda Credit back Card as Asda has just said that the reward rate for non-Asda expenses will drop to 0.2%, which makes the Aqua Reward Card better in regards to general expenses as well.

For those with a high credit standing, the Platinum Goldback Everyday Credit Card from American Express, which offers an introductory phase of 5% cash back, offers higher daily cash back reward. Regarding use when traveling, the Aqua Reward can be useful to cover meals and drinks, hotel accommodation, activity or the purchase of a souvenir, as it does not include an exchange rate fee (usually around 3%) for shopping in a different country when you are abroad.

How high is the interest on the Aqua Reward? 94% p.a. (variable) and 39% p.a. (variable) purchasing default rates 9 per cent annual interest representation (variable) assuming a credit line of £1,200. Aqua cash-back rewards: Aqua Reward credit card provides 0. 5 per cent cash back on sales, limited to £100 per annum. However, most likely most users will not reach this max as it would mean £20,000 per year being spent on your card - unlikely given the card's original credit line of £250 to £1,200.

Being a credit card, the interest rate is high, so the card is best for those who can afford their credit every single months - a credit from month to month would erase more than all the cash back reward you deserve. Possibly the greatest disadvantage of this card is that the card holders have to wait until they get their 0.

Note that if you are in arrears with a unique purchase, you will loose all your cash back reward for the whole year. Aquas are for those with bad credit. They therefore earn above-average interest. As with all Reward Card balances on this card should be fully and timely disbursed each and every monthly.

Otherwise, the high interest rates will quickly swallow up the 0.5% cash backs. Use of the Aqua Revards Card abroad: Without foreign exchange duties, the Aqua Revards card can be used for shopping abroad (as can the Aqua Advance credit card). Shopping abroad made on the card does not involve an expense charge (which can be 3% for other cards), and if you make the payment in full and on schedule, you will not charge any interest.

In general, we do not recommend withdrawing money from this card. The credit bureaus are notified of credit line enhancements, which can have a beneficial effect on your creditworthiness. Asda Cashback credit card is one of the best food and gas card for your reward in the shops as long as you are shopping at Asda.

Card gives 1% cash back at Asda (but only 0.2% elsewhere). Unless you don't care about getting your reward as an Asda voucher, you can get your reward much earlier with the Asda Card, which will credit your reward each month (compared to the Aqua Card, which is paid out annually). Faithful Asda buyers get higher premiums for Asda food and petrol purchases with the Asda cash-back card.

Awards for other general expenses are higher on the Aqua Reward card. Persons with a lower credit rating may be more likely to be acceptable on the Aqua card. Marbles Credit Card is also intended for people with poor creditworthiness. Areas of interest on the Marbles card are slightly lower, but remember that interest levels on both card will be high and you should try to withdraw your entire credit every single months to prevent you from having to foot any interest costs.

NewDay Ltd. issues both the Magbles Card and the Aqua Awards Card. There are no reward schemes at margin, only a credit facility for those card holders who are aware of their responsibilities. When you want to make some money and at the same time increase your creditworthiness, you may want to use the Aqua Awards card. Either of these can help you enhance your credit standing as you keep up with your payment.

Because of the cash back reward, the Aqua card has the ability to add more value than the Marbles card.

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