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Milan's collapse hits Gonzalo Higuaín when Juve pushes him over the rim | Paolo Bandini | Football

Milan's play against Juventus has always had a special meaning for Gonzalo Higuaín, who was pushed aside by the Bianconeri after Cristiano Ronaldo's return thisummer. Maybe Higuaín felt completely clear in his head when he led Franck Kessié to the side in the fortieth moment. The Argentinian had given his side a spot -kick that timed his run to hit Mehdi Benatia in Suso's deep center and shoot the shot against the defender's hand with his first contact.

And why shouldn't he, Milan's top goalkeeper, be the one to receive the rewards? Higuain shot his kick over the bars during the shoot-out that the Copa América chose Chile in 2015. For Naples, he had done the same week before when they were defeated by Lazio on the last leg of the campaign, which was practically a play-off for Champions League placements.

Isn' it fair to keep referring to these events? Higuain also found the goal in big games. During his two Juventus games, he played five goals against his former Naples team. He didn't score on Sunday, though. Higuain's penalties were at least focused on the goal, right on the lower right hand side, but without enough strength to defeat Wojciech Szcz?sny.

Juventus were 1-0 at the end of the match after Mario Mandzukic had gone over Ricardo Rodríguez to bring home a backpost heading in the 8th minutes. The score was 2-0 when Higuaín was cornered on the 83rd. What? Higuaín, after being posted for a Benatia penalty, shouted violently in front of Paolo Mazzoleni, the umpire, and was immediately shown a second amber.

From a referee's point of view, both tickets were fully deserved, but it was noticeable that his former colleagues - as well as his present ones - moved to comfort him. Higuain were on their way to ending the most productive campaign in Serie A football, but at the end of a 3-1 loss that marks the beginning of the end for their side's offer, they fell out of control.

It was Higuaín who prevented a repetition of this error, at least on Sunday. Not hiding full-time from journalists, he publicly apologised to Mazzoleni and his colleagues, managers and supporters. These results don't subvert his squad too much. The Gattuso is as conscious of the gap between Milan and Juventus as any other.

The Juventus prolonged the best Serie A launch a side has ever made, rising to 34 points in 12 matches. Bonucci also faced his former association - or would have faced it if Massimiliano Allegri hadn't kept him on the bank. Most Juventus followers are warm to Higuaín.

However, his choices could have been examined more closely if Higuain had taken his spot kick or if Benatia's substitute had taken a second pass for the previous team. It' s not clear, but rather the qualities and a bit of good fortune that Juventus needs to get his opponent off course.

Yes, Dries Mertens, Naples can really do that on a colder, rainier Genoaay. Bergamaschi are on the right track after a hard kick-off, and Gasperini always seems to know how to get a glimpse of the side that threw him away, but no other side is as strong as Inter, from superb to soccer.

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