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The Kanye and the company's own records - the ultimative, brutal best-of-laylist.

Wyoming Sessions" recently ended with the publication of Teyana Taylor's "KTSE", the fifth and last recording of a five-album five track long line-up that includes Kanye-produced 7-track Pusha T, Nas, West and Kanye's Kid Cudi collaboration duet Kids See Gosts. Unless you've kept up with the flood of albums dropping every single weeks, don't worry, we got you under control!

We' re proud to present "We Got Love" (named after Kanye's secret new website of the same name) - the ultimative Wyoming session play list, containing two songs per track from each disc, as well as an album-by-album beginner's manual. Daytona' was a splendid debut in the Wyoming franchise and was undoubtedly the most powerful LP of all. Daytona' saw one of the most highly regarded star of rappers facing the situation and eventually gaining the kind of critique and trade credit he long earned.

Supported by Kanye's hottest recording in years, the former clip rappers sound incomparable and in their own band. Pusha's relation to Kanye is certainly powerful, but West's impact on Daytona doesn't go unnoticed. Pushha retreats against West's Turpian opinions (at some point he compares the president to a Gremlin) and never gives in to his producers.

If You Know You Know You Know','Come Back Baby'. Kanye chose to scrape the footage of an entire record on'Ye' and just a few short months before the planned launch, begin all over again. and Kanye hadn't finished writing the text yet. There are definitely hightlights on "Ye" - "Ghost Town" is an outburst of excitement, while "No Errors" is a happy little finger-up.

Elsewhere, the opening song "I Thought About You Killing " is the roughest Kanye to be heard... well, maybe at all. Yet none of these routes stands anywhere near the best of West. All too often they allow Kanye to enjoy his own moods (the wild cries of "Yikes", the scary texts of "Violent Crimes"). Kanye also seems to be stepping on the spot in our productions instead of promoting our own cultural development as we are used to.

Ye ", as always with Kanye, is an interesting and hooked listening experience. The best tracks: 'Ghost Town', 'No Errors'. Whereas "Ye" showed Kanye largely as stubborn and impenitent, "Kids See Ghosts" sees Kanye and Cudi more meditatively and introspectively. Kanye's best bar of the whole Wyoming projekt ("What an awesome thing, sunk in shame/ I want all the pain I want all the smoke I want all the blame"), actually successfully - shock horror fast - to make the West more likeable.

The best tracks: 'Freeee (Ghost Town, Part 2)', 'Reborn'. Sense the love','4th dimension','Cudi montage'. What to jump over are: "Children see ghosts", "Fire". Kanye's albums were made in a few short weeks, but'Nasir' - the first Nas record since 2012'Life Is Good' - should be a bit long. Na's been getting the hang of the record since his work with DJ Khaled'na's Done in 2016 and rapped to the track:

"when I was in record play I got a call from Khaled... My record's ready, n***how, waiting and seeing." Maybe West's output was only added during surveillance in Wyoming, but it is unlikely that Nas's texts were largely unfinished beforehand. Nas does his own thing, offers little new and interacts little with the streams or patterns of West.

The best tracks: 'Adam and Eve','Cops Shot The Kid'. Delayed candidate for the entire Wyoming crowns - surprisingly from the least expected of all record. As with Pusha, R&B vocalist and former My Super Sweet 16 personality Taylor has been roughly ignored in the past - in part by her own record company (the record touched the awareness that Kanye's GOOD Music Teyana could sometimes have offered more of a platform).

KTSE' is Taylor's way of making everyone - including Kanye - listen up while she provides jazz for jazz, right up to the club-suited hit of 'WTP'. So the only critique we can make is that the record will ignore the 7-track formats that the remainder of the records use.

Canye - always the trouble. The best tracks: 'WTP', 'Rose In Harlem'.

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