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What creditworthiness do lenders actually use? We had some great novelties in the credit score universe this weekend. TransUnion and Equifax were ordered by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to foot more than $23 million in penalties and refunds "to deceive the consumer about the benefits and real costs of credit they had been selling to them. "I have made extensive use of these and other credit check related credit check related service described below, and these service are advertiser in my own financial blogs, so I was particularly interested in the CFPB orders.

Orders stated that the credit rating model most frequently used by creditors is that of Fair Isaac Corporation. Maybe you know these points under their shared name, FICO-Scores. On the other hand, the TransUnion and Equifax provided their own rating systems using their own rating systems, sometimes called " education credit rating ".

" Its name comes from the notion that these values help inform the consumer about their creditworthiness in general. According to CFPB, the CFPB's concern was that TransUnion and Equifax were misleading the consumer by proposing that the education credits they were offering had the same values as the creditors used for credit-making.

However, according to CFPB,'these values were seldom used by creditors for credit decision-making. "Orders provide a good occasion to check creditworthiness, how they work and what ratings are most important. Whilst it may come as a little bit of a shock to some, every customer has several credit ratings. Firstly, most credit information is available in each of the three main credit bureaux - Trans-Union, Equifax and Experian.

Whilst credit information from one credit agency to another should generally be the same, there are often small inequalities. This difference can lead to three different credit assessments, even if the assessment is created using the same credit assessment scheme. Secondly, there are several credit assessment schemes. CFPB orders show that there are, for example, FICO marks and education credits.

CFPB orders state that FICO alone has provided more than 60 different types of score since 2011. Provide industry-specific modeling and periodic updating of FICO scores. How do we define which scores a particular borrower will use, given the variety of credit rating schemes?

Fair Isaac says 90% of the "best" US creditors use FICO marks. Whilst this will help constrict the box, keep in mind that Fair Isaac has launched more than 60 FICO results since 2011. More than one FICO rating - your creditors can assess your credit exposure with different FICO ratings, based on the kind of credit you are looking for.

For example, car creditors often use FICO Automotive Scores, an industry-specific FICO scoring solution designed to meet their needs. However, most credit cards use FICO® Bankcard Scores or FICO 8 scores. Turns out the most commonly used FICO value is FICO 8, according to Fair Isaac.

That' truer, even though FICO 9 was published. The FICO® Automotive Scoores, the industry-specific credit ratings used in most automotive credit assessments. I' m gonna get a new credit card: The FICO® Bankcard or FICO® 8 credit cards, the credit cards used by many credit cards companies. Basis FICO scoring before FICO scoring 8, as these are the ones used in most mortgage-related credit reports.

After Fair Isaac's Tom Quinn, here are the three credit Scores that are used by most lenders: These are unusual FICO 5, 2 and 4 name. What is our FICO-Score like? What can we do to take an advance look at these results before we sign up for a credit or auto credit line or mortgages?

Random reference to the CFPB orders could suggest that we can see the results that creditors use before requesting credit, as long as we are avoiding these "educational credits". For example, it sells you FICO point accounts through its website Actually, for a small charge you get the " 28 most frequently used FICO scoring version ".

However, there is no assurance that a creditor will use any of these points. If you have been given a few months' credit prior to requesting a loan, they will probably have been modified by the date the creditor checks your request. This does not mean that there is no value in seeing your FICO points.

You can also let them know what helps and what hurts your points, perfect for those who want to increase their FICO points. However, there is no assurance that the points you see will be the precise points a creditor sees. What is the value of education results? This leads us to the results of education.

Several of the most beloved free credit scores pages are Quizzle, Credit Karma and Credit Sesame. Everyone provides an education grade sheet using different types of score making schemes. A few are quickly rejecting these musical pieces because they are not built on one of the many FICOs. Firstly, in my own estimation, these education values are near the values of the FICO-type.

and I found them similar. Secondly, they give you a general picture of where your loans stand. Third, the service does a good work by letting you know what helps and what hurts your scores. The last Analsyse is about protecting your scores by paying on schedule, staying low on credit utilisation and requesting new loans only when you need to.

Verifying your scores with one of these FICO or Education scores has the added advantage of giving you a general picture of where you are and what you can do to increase your scores.

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