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Please contact MSI Credit Solutions directly for further information: Discover the best credit repair companies and more! The strategy of Allianz US Private Credit Solutions is to offer debt financing to US companies that do not have an investment-grade claim. It is not recommended to take out this type of loan if you are on a debt solution.

Work at Credit Solutions: 53 Recensions

Collect the customer's pecuniary data and propose the right credit products for his needs. Obtain all the information that may be necessary for the assessment of the credit claim, such as the credit report. Notify the customer of the credit decisions made by the credit processing unit and give detail on the actions to be taken by the creditor.

As well as the above tasks, the company also promotes and sells other company related goods and sevices that best meet the customer's needs. I had a brief but highly rewarding tenure at Credit Solutions. I didn't spend my free moment there. But my staff and I brought our division to number one, with our customers defeating other agents who have been number one for over 20 years.

At Creditsolutions the usual working days were always very hard. So much to do, so many divisions to take in, but it was so great to be able to be where you have so many guys to take in, and you and your crew were able to do your job successfully, staying on the water and making everyone feel lucky.

Don't be wasting your precious moments. My stay at Credit Solutions was very enjoyable. At the end of the months it was very busy, at that point the personnel was not very kind... very busy, getting long term exposure to the required system to complete tasks, lack of help with practice, had learnt by himself. Difficulties working in clients would often go down.

The work in clients is very disappointing. Personally, I must say that working with my teammates was the most pleasant part of my work for a solution to be successfully found. A great working atmosphere in a great group. I have worked longest at Credit Solutions. It is a beautiful familiy to which you can belong.

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