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Loans approved, time to buy real estate! Of course, I am not a bad credit applicant and I live in search of the best car loan companies for bad credit applicants. Home loan in Cyprus The provision of housing finance to non-residents is an important benefit of Cyprus. Statistically, Cyprus has the highest rate of favourable loan approval choices. Evidence of income: Staff: Genuine pay slips for the last 3 month;

evidence of other steady incomes (recurring for the last 6 months) (if applicable).

Independent persons: copy of turnover declarations filed since the last reporting date; evidence of other steady incomes (recurring for the last 6 months) (if applicable); return (for loan over 50,000); compulsory health care (for loan over 100,000); reconfirmation of incomes by bookkeeper (for loan over 100,000). Juridical entities: copy of value added sales return filed since the last reporting date; originals of last two year assessment available; certified annual reports for the last three fiscal years (for credits over 50,000); management/financial reports for each respective quarterly period (for credits over 50,000); annual budget with planned future operating revenues for the next two years (for credits over 100,000).

Evidence of a good balance sheet (evidence of the loan in place for the last 3 years).

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The majority of the depositors - most of them private persons and small enterprises - are included in the scope of the regime. A licensed depositor may request up to £85,000 in deposit under the system. In the case of shared holding accounts, each accountholder shall be deemed to be entitled to his part. In the case of a community bank escrow agreement maintained by two legal depositers, the total amount that can be recovered is £85,000 (£170,000 in total).

This £85,000 cap applies to the total amount of all qualifying depositor's deposits with the offices of State Bank of India (UK) Limited, inclusive of their interest in a common bank holding and not to each individual bank holding as such. More information about the system, such as the amount funded and entitlement, can be obtained from your nearest office, on the FSCS website or by calling 0800 678 1100.

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