Best Introductory Credit Card Offers

The best introductory offers for credit cards

Best airlines and air miles credit codes Generic new Virgin maps mean that even small to medium expenses can generate a reasonable number of airline miles. So what does it look like compared to the current maps on the shelves? Now you can collect up to 15,000 airline miles by just paying 1 pound as Virgin Atlantic introduces two new reward credit card products.

Using the Gold Card allows members of the Virgin Flying Club to accumulate points and receive introductory bonus payments of 5,000 and 15,000 for a one-time 90-day buy. Air miles or flight award credit card have always been a good way to make free air travel (although you still have to foot the corresponding taxes).

That' s why the Reward Card has attracted our attention, as it allows you to collect 5,000 points on your first shopping trip (in any amount) and then collect extra points at a reasonable price with no annuity surcharge. Over the past few years, vendors have destroyed a number of airline tickets, in part due to the implementation of the exchange charge ceiling, making Virgin tickets a welcome complement to the overall service offering.

Let's take a closer look at Virgin's two offers and see how they perform compared to other top maps currently available. Before we do that, always think of the gold standard of all rewards cards: repay your debts in full every single months, or the expensive interest rates will soon pile up and make you less well off.

Virgin Flying Club offers mileage instead of Avios and with this card you can collect 0.75 mile for every 1 pound you spend. Since it is a Mastercard, it is more likely to be recognised by retailers than American Express frequently used airline tickets. Sparfüchse will particularly profit from the 5,000 points bonuses for a one-time buy in the first 90 trading day.

Contrary to some maps, there is no minimal spending to get the bonuses. Over £20,000 in spending entitles you to a choice of reward options, such as a free pet pass or upgraded petcard. Members of the Gold and the Silver Animal Flying Club can select extra awards. Virgin Atlantic flight and vacation reservations made directly receive twice the points.

On this card, the annual interest rate is 22.9%. And if you are a member of the Virgin Flying Club and would like to collect more points, this Mastercard offers twice Virgin's free rewards card, 1.5 per 1 pound issued. Receive three Reward+ introductory bonuses; 15,000 points for a one-time 90-day buy.

Expenditure thresholds for additional reward are also lower at £10,000 per year. Reward+ card also gives you free Boingo Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi coverage around the world. This benefit is at the expense of an annuity of 160 and increases the representational APR to 63.9% (the buying rate is 22.9%). With the British Airways American Express card you can earn an Avios for almost every Euro you spent.

You will receive 5,000 Avios as a reward if you issue 1,000 within the first three month of receiving the card. Every year, you can issue 20,000 pounds and pack a 12-month complimentary gift certificate. On this card, the annual interest rate is 22.9%.

With the British Airways American Express Premium Plus credit card, which charges 1.5 pounds of aviation per 1 pound, you can make much more aviation. That' 50% more than the free British Airways American Express. You can also set up three vios for every 1 pound issued by British Airways or BA Holidays.

However it is offered with a high annuity of £195 so you must make sure that you are earning enough reward to actually pay this annuity. The introductory package is 25,000 extra Avos if you buy 3,000 with your card in the first three month. Or you can get a free escort pass if you buy 10,000 or more each year that is free for 24 month.

There is a buying price of 22 on this card. With the Lloyds Avios Rewards credit card, you can collect Avios points by using two cards: an American Express and a MasterCard associated with the same bankroll. Revenue can be earned by earning 1. 25 points for every 1 GBP and 1. 25 points for every 5 GBP and 1. 25 points for every 5 GBP and 1. 25 points for every 1 GBP and 1. 25 points for every 1 GBP and 1. 25 points for every 1 GBP and 1. 25 points for every 1 GBP and 1. 25 points for every 1 GBP and 1. 25 points for every 1 GBP and 1. 25 points for every 1.

In the first six month, new clients receive twice as much Vios with their accounts. It also offers free international transaction and a free air travel upgrades coupon if you are spending more than £7,000 in a year. This card will attract an annuity of 24, giving it a prestigious 23.7% AAA. Unfortunately, you can no longer request this card on-line.

Flybe credit card offers the Spend&Fly program. In contrast to other air miles credit card systems, there is no points system, but you receive free travel exclusively on the amount you use. For a free round-trip ticket, you must issue 250 within the first six month (although you must incur tax and fees as with the above cards).

Here is what you can get depending on how much you spent afterwards: The Just fly and Get More are the fundamental stages of the tickets, while All In offers more added advantages. The card also includes Avis Auto Hire and Hotel as well as commission-free hotel accommodation. Annual interest with the prestigious annual rate for the card is 18.9%.

Revenue 1 point per 1 pound of £1 issued and use these points for travel, hotel and shopping with the Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card. By spending more than 2,000 on your Gold Card in the first three month, you can collect 20,000 American Express Rewards Points. Avios and Virgin Atlantic Flyer Club points can be redeemed for 1:1 BA Avios and Virgin Atlantic Flyer Club points as well as a number of other airline points.

You can also spend American Express points on retailer sales such as Amazon and not just on airfare. The card contains two passports for airports throughout the UK and restricted trip insure. £140 of the card tax is remitted for the first year; as it is a customer card it has no interest on it.

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