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Now you can use Facebook to help you find the best mortgage business. Now HOUSE handlers can find out what the best mortgage offers are for them by chats with a Facebookot. The digital mortgage broker Nuvo has started an automatic messenger chat on Facebook Messenger to advise mortgage seekers. He uses AI, which means you can ask him a question in any size and he will give you tips - you are not restricted to yes or no.

However, when Sun Online tried it, it was really fast to give us an offer, but it fought with the council. When you want a quotation, the robot asks you a question like "What do you want a fast quotation for?" and you have to click on the right choice they give you in the instant message area.

As soon as you see the trades, you can decide whether you want to be referred to someone who works for the broker in the instant messaging, or whether you want them to call you. Here are some tips from the money AdviceService to help you get a mortgage: Speak to your local mortgage broker - A mortgage broker at your local mortgage broker is usually free, but he will only tell you about his own deal.

Select the right type of lender for you - Some are bound to certain types of creditors, some look at transactions from a certain range of creditors and others look at the entire mortgage brokerage business. But if you decide to go for a banker, you are safe from the financial ombudsman if something goes astray later.

And there are other online mortgage agents like Habito and Trussle who also provide free consultation, but they also depend on a personal advisor to help them get the job done. You earn your living by paying the creditors a charge when you choose one of their deals through them, but they say that due to "strict banks " they cannot show any "favoritism towards a creditor".

"There is a dedicated mortgage expert group behind the tech to help clients and lead them through the conversation with someone. Don't miss to join the Sun Money Facebook group for the latest offers and savings tips.

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