Best overall Credit Card 2016

Highest total credit card 2016

Choosing American Express as credit card favorite This may not be an Oscar, but the credit card industry has won an amazing five awards at this year's uSwitch Credit Card Awards, among them the Credit Card Provider of the Year. The American Express went away with winnings in best value for price, best for 0% on purchases, best mobile website and best mobile app category, although many are deterred by their reputations of not always being acceptable.

These results should be used as a wake-up call to everyone in the sector that experienced credit card users are not being swallowed. Suppliers run the danger of loosing sight of the action as consumers just focus on those items that deliver the best return on their investment.

American Express is an appealing option as it still provides profitable rewards and cash backs. Just behind Virgin Money followed with four accolades for Best General Customer Service, Best Application Process, Best Website and Best Balance Transfers. The Barclaycard won against Capital One, Vanquis and Aqua in the loan origination group.

Whereas borrower favored Halifax for use abroad, probably thanks to its Clarity Credit Card. It has long been one of the few card types that do not charge for international business and do not charge additional amounts for withdrawing money. The luckiest card holders were American Express with their credit card application (59 percent), followed by TSB (56 percent) and Natwest (55 percent).

His Partnershiprewards card gives 1 point for every 1 pound issued by John Lewis, Waitrose and John Lewis Insurance, and 1 point for every 2 pounds issued anywhere else. In recent month several profitable credit card premiums and cash back systems have been cancelled or reduced, with suppliers shifting the EU ceiling to the charges that suppliers can levy on traders to process a transaction.

One was the first to take out its beloved cash-back card in June last year. The American Express, which does not fall under the EU reduction, came second in the Best Reward Scheme class, followed by M&S Bank, despite the planned reduction to bonus points on 29 February.

Normally, the best options for you will vary depending on where you are spending your cash, but there are still some rewarding cash back and reward card options. American Express Platinum CashbackEveryday Card has the highest available cash-back ratio. They offer five percent cash back on acquisitions made in the first three month and 1.25 percent thereafter.

There are 18,000 Avios points if you successfully complete the application and spent 3,000 within the first three month. Learn more about the best credit card deals for cash back and bonuses here. Halifax has granted the longest 0 per cent carryover period of 40 month to debt holders, while Virgin Money has often outperformed the table in recent monthly periods with restricted equal length offerings.

However, if the money you're looking for is a discounted money order then Santander's 123 Credit Card and Halifax's No Balance transfer fees card provide both 23 month interest free money order money order money order money order transfers with a 0% money order charge.

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