Best place to get a Credit Card with no Credit

The best place to get a credit card without credit.

Bar or credit card - Munich Message Board Bar or credit card? Are most of the Munich city' s eateries, stores, attractions, busses, etc. able to take credit card payments? I ask because I'm trying to find out how much money I can get on my arrival. Bar or credit card?

2. Currency or credit card? Hardly any store, eatery or whatever accepts credit card for under ? 20.

Buses are just money. Bar or credit card? You can use your credit card for your flight and your accommodation. Most other things I'd use money for. Bar or credit card? Paid for your accommodation and all rail ticket by credit card. Don't use it in a restaurant (that's just not usual), and on the coach, I think they won't even take it.

Also not all hypermarkets are accepting credit card. Folks here have EC card that are acceptance giro and if they don't make payments in money, they use them. I' d be paying the bigger bucks by credit card and the bigger bucks in hard-copy. Bar or credit card? The majority of tourist destinations, large food stores and eateries are credit card accepting.

Mr President, I cannot endorse the EUR 20 min. buying rules already referred to for the use of tickets in these establishments. Businesses, especially small ones, usually do not take credit card. In most places they choose to admit, there's a little label on the front doors. However, businesses that take credit card payments often need a turnover of at least 10-20 ?.

I' ve never seen a city/local coach where you can buy with nothing but money. No longer is Germany the place where your credit card is worthless. Bar or credit card? The Germans often use plastics, even for small shopping, but they use ECs ( direct debits linked to a Deutsche bank), as Petra already commented.

Perhaps what YoungTraveler US uses is not an US credit card? Credit card acceptability is on the rise, but even large merchants (such as Ikea Germany) only still use EC debit and no credit card. I am not sure about Munich, but in Berlin one cannot use a credit card from abroad in the BVG devices, but only an EC card.

Bar or credit card? Maps can be used in some MVV traffic networks, for example at the airports. There may be some vending machine that only use EC card (or cash). Normally I was asked if I wanted to go to a restaurant and buy something in hard currency; I usually did, but not always in hard currency (and round up as a tip).

Bar or credit card? The best thing is to have your money at hand. Chic diners and even the subway accepts credit card, but no small stores. Bar or credit card? "used a credit card for souvenirs," where? Bar or credit card? "I use a standard European Master Card (credit card, not EC).

Once a shop/machine has accepted credit card, it does not matter where it was made out. Obviously, however, you cannot use a credit card (US or not) if the shop/machine only takes ECs. The MVG ticketing terminals in Munich definitely take credit card payments. Here, too, a place doesn't have to be "noble" to take credit card payments.

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