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Bernardo Silva, Manchester City midfielder, says the squad will shoot 100 points.

MANCHESTER, England - Manchester City may have broke the most points straight this year, but the bad word for relegated Southampton is that they now want 100 points, according to middlefielder Bernardo Silva. Guardiola's side broke new Premier League highs on Wednesday evening when their 3-1 win over Brighton brought them 97 points for the campaign and the highest number of goal and win time.

Preventing failure against the freshly-awarded champion on Sunday would ensure the viability of Southampton's Premier League, but Silva says they want to be the first high-calibre team to collect points for a whole hundred years. "Now that we have broke all our previous highs, we want the three numbers - 100 points. "It was a very peculiar occasion to break the Rekord.

We said a few things, of course we wanted to beat the Premier but if we could beat it and beat the best it would be even better because you remain in the Premier Leagues story. "We broke the winning record, the gates and the points.

Silva would end an already unforgettable campaign after his change from Ligue 1 champion Monaco in sommer. After scoring the gate with which the city established a new Premier League scoring history in one campaign, Fernandinho extended his tallies to 105. As the 23-year-old strives to make his mark at the Etihad Stadium, Yaya Toure said goodbye to the side when she defeated Brighton, and Silva said it was an honor to attend his post-match festivities.

"Obviously Yaya is a Man City myth, it was amazing for all of us and for me personal to be sharing this with him," he said. Another playmaker in the finals would make Silva the club's 7th playmaker this season, with Sergio Aguero (30), Raheem Sterling of 23, Gabriel Jesus of 16, Leroy Sane of 14, Kevin De Bruyne of 12 and David Silva of 10, all of whom have a double-digit record in all tournaments.

"It wouldn't be my best - in Monaco I think 11 was my best - but of course I will try to do it. Mr. Jonathan is ESPN FC's Manchester City Rep.

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