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The best Pmi rates

PMI of the euro zone: Dollar firms against the pound and the dollar amid signs of improvement in euro activities Euro area figures have significantly exceeded forecasts, and help the euro currency complexity make progress before the end of the week. The market focused on the publication of provisional Euro-Zone economic surveys to see indications that the deceleration at the beginning of the year was indeed a sign, and if you look at the figures, this may indeed be the case:

At 55, the PMI of the processing industry for June reached the forecasted level. "The Flash PMI June poll showed that the economy is picking up again, although it was not able to fully regain the speed of recovery from the beginning of the year. This upswing was driven by an improvement in the services sector's output, which was offset by a further slowdown in manufactured output terms.

Services were also instrumental in increasing pricing pressure, but also provided the key stimulus for higher job growth," says IHS Markit, compiler of the PMI family. In May, the PMI range fell to an annual low of one and a half years, as the rapid rate of 2017 contraction came to an end abruptly, a deceleration accompanied by a widespread sell-off of the euro, particularly against the dollar.

"Although the publication is not a stellar achievement, it offers a glimmer of hope on the horizon of the recent deceptive Euro-Zone data," says Bert Colijn of ING Bank N.V., adding: "The general tendency is still restrained in comparison to the rapid end 2017 economic upturn. "Nevertheless, the euro needed a pause and at the moment of preparation is seen as an outperformer in the foreign exchange market, in part in reaction to the data:

Today, the euro is moving forward against the bulk of its G10 competitors. Remember that the euro did not have the best few weeks, mainly due to the hang-over caused by the strong decline following the June European Central Bank session last weekend. Meanwhile, the Pound's against the Euro has fallen to 1.14 due to recent Euro profits, but the Euro's against the Dollar has improved by 0.3% against the daily to reach 1.

3288, partly due to the wide dollar exchange rate decline. Looking at the prospects for the euro area economies, a number of respondents are concerned about how increasing trading spreads could affect economic activity. However, the euro area's economic recovery is likely to be more difficult than expected. In view of the constantly evolving situations regarding the commercial conflict and Italy, we still point out downward threats to our prospects for growth," says Francois Cabau of Barclays.

PMI figures come one and a half days after the fall in major automobile stocks in Europe after German Daimler issued a warning of lower gains this year due to trading spreads between the U.S. and China. "Reduced business and consumer trust could have a lasting negative impact on the slow rate of economic expansion in the first half of the year.

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