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View the top rates of the market with our Mortgage Best Buys tool. At IMS we will find the best interest rates for you when arranging a mortgage in Spain. CORRECT Hong Kong banking raise the mortgage interest rates, end low-cost cash epoch

At the end of Wednesday, HSBC Holdings, Hang Seng and Standard Chartered said that they would start raising new mortgage rates on Monday. Mortgage loans in Hong Kong are usually tied either to the key interest or to the reference interest Hibor - the Hong Kong offer interest coupon. The de facto Hong Kong Federal Reserve has increased its key interest rates twice this year in step with the US Federal Reserve, but the city's big institutions have kept their rates steady, as they have since 2008, when they overturned them at the peak of the massive credit crunch.

HSBC, the HSBC Group' regional affiliate, Hang Seng Bank, and the Bank of China (Hong Kong) stated that they would increase their new mortgage interest coupled to the key interest by 10 bps to minus 2 points below zero. 75% with effect from 13 August. That would mean an actual installment of 2. 25 per cent. You also said they would increase the ceiling for Hibor-linked Mortgages to their best interest minus 2.

65%. Bonded Hibor loans usually turn over easily to bonded loans when a slope in Bonded Hibor makes bonded loans cheap. The Hibor has been on the up for 12 month. Chartered Standard said it would also increase its premium interest-linked new mortgage interest to the best loan interest minus 3 per cent. That is also an effektive 2. 25 per cent since Standard Chartered's best interest is 5. 25 per cent.

He also said it would increase the ceiling for Hibor-linked new mortgage to the best interest rates of Standard Chartered minus 2. Nine per cent. After Citibank increased its mortgage rates with immediate effect on Tuesday, the message comes. According to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), Hong Kong residents had HK$1.258 trillion (USD163 billion) of mortgage debt in circulation with the banking sector at the end of June.

At the end of June, the mortgage delinquency rate stood at 0.02 per cent. Hong Kong's retail real estate market has been in recession for 19 successive monthly records, exacerbating the dissatisfaction of the central bank's people. Since 2008 they have almost tripled, driven by shortages in supplies, low interest rates and large cash inflows from China's investment community.

The skyscraper real estate prices in Hong Kong are also seen by investors as a real threat as US interest rates rise. This former UK dependency follows the development of US exchange rates as its currencies are linked to the US dollars. Last Wednesday the Federal Reserve kept interest rates stable, but is likely to increase them twice this year, spurring the HKMA to take this example.

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