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The best way to check my credit rating for free.

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Transcriptions | Diploma - International Baccalaureate®.

IB will provide an offical copy of the marks for the Diploma Program (DP). Copies can be sent directly to a higher educational institution, e.g. a college or college. We do not send these papers to student or other organizations. A Hosting Centre, e.g. Universities and Colleges Administration Service (UCAS), is counted as one inquiry.

If the results are published, they shall be made available to the institutions via a secured IM website or on a hard copy if the institution does not use the secured IM website. The first six applications of a nominee will be considered free of cost if they are presented before the publication of the results for this examination meeting.

Prior to publishing the results, candidates may require the results to be sent to six different institutions. There is no cost for this one. For every further enquiry received, a surcharge will be levied, regardless of whether earlier enquiries have been made for this pupil. Every enquiry must contain a handling cost of 10 GBP/ $17 US dollars for each requested script.

In order to make a transfer inquiry with a check for your payments, please fill out this form[685 KB] and return it to the designated International Bank Transfer Offices indicated on the transfer inquiry sheet. Once your selected institute has decided to obtain your copy of your application via a safe web site, it will get yours as soon as the results are published (or for alumni, as soon as the IM has handled your order).

Otherwise you will receive a written copy by post. Due to the size of the inquiries we receive during the top month of December and January as well as July to September, it may take longer to respond to your request for information. IB is not liable for any delay in the post or handling of certificates at a university.

This is the size in which it will receive an IT copy (electronic or paper). Reception adress for the script. Therefore, if you need to check whether the selected institution has obtained your certificate, please apply to the Administration Department first. Please indicate your name, the institution at which you obtained your degree, the name of the college and the date on which you asked for your results so that we can deal with your enquiry more quickly.

Hint 1: It is best to check the university's entrance requirements before submitting a transfer inquiry. Applicants to Oxford in the UK, for example, must fill out an on-line UCAS claim formal. Hint 2: If your report card was sent by electronic means and the institution notifies you that it does not have permission to view your file, please make sure that you have given them the proper information (spelling of your name, date of birthday and session).

In the event of loss or destruction, the student can apply for a substitute degree or certification. In order to make a query with a credit or debit please fill in the on-line query for the results services. As an alternative, you can also download and fill out the substitute application form[593 KB] and return it to the e-mail addresses indicated in the bottom line of the documents.

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