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But if you make minimal payments or issue an invoice that you can't repay, credit cards can be expensive. The six rudest credit card statements ever. 441$ on Bagels: Card Bill Details- Madoff Program Generousness Madoff Familie

A number of members of the families were on the salary list and were treating Madoff Investment Securities as a "personal savings bank", the recipient said. "Not having purchased a suit against members of our families should not be seen as our decision not to do so. Ruth Madoff invested 29,888 dollars in one months, among other things for a purchase tour in Paris, where she presented 2000 dollars in a Giorgio Armani shop and 1,237 dollars for articles of the label Jil Sander.

Last summers, in a solitary monthly period, Mark Madoff spend nearly $81,000 on the card after having spend $8,400 on a dollar bill for a particular room at the beginning of the year and $2,166 at the New York Apple Store. Andrew's brothers spend $2,395 on Ralph Lauren's Polo outfit. Among the company's staff who help locate the rest of the cash, "none of them are called Madoff and none of them are related to Madoff," Mr. Harbeck said.

Verify your card statement. - Examinations of the El Jimador Restaurant, Osage Beach, MO

Eating my dinner on 17.1.14 and my bill was $16.63 and I leave a tip of $4.00 which should have cost $20.63. So we went inside and got a great set of services. Together with the meal the salt was crisp and quite tasty. I' ve payed 2 to 3 x for what I have got here when it comes to services, meals, atmosphere und prices!

Much better than another Mexico based eatery I had been to a few nights before. Quick and easy preparation and servicing of meals. There was a lot of good meal and great people. Here we stayed on holiday and tasted the genuine cuisine. Outstanding draught beer and delicious Salsa. I' m a local by the sea and I like this place!

Well, some of the best dishes in Mexico, in my book. It'?s a great meal, I like every hen. After a long working day, I like coming here.

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