Black Credit Card

Credit card

When you travel regularly, this credit card might be right for you, with no fees abroad and no refunds at selected merchants. Recompense the black credit card (MasterCard). Recompense the black credit card. If you have a Reward Black giroccount. Please use our authorization verifier to see if you are approved for this credit card.

Duration is only 2 min and does not influence your creditworthiness. The interest charge is the interest charge levied on most goods or service purchased on a credit card.

When you withdraw the full card amount each and every months, you will not be billed any interest on your purchase. This is a guideline threshold that we must specify when we explain the cost typically within the representational example. We have used 1200 as a benchmark, but the real credit you get depends on your circumstance.

This will be billed when you first use the card and then every year on the same day. Please note that if you have a Reward Black checking account with us, we will reimburse this Reward Black credit card surcharge. Each application is treated individually so that the buying ratio and annual interest you receive are dependent on your own circumstance and creditworthiness.

You' credit limits may differ according to our credit check. Try to always withdraw your credit card balances every single day to ensure that the benefits of your reward exceed the interest cost. Your request will take about 10 mins and you will know whether or not you have been approved within 5 mins.

When your request is approved, your card should be received within 5-7 businessdays.

Schwarze Karte - Credit cards

The credit card has been withdrawn from circulation and as of March 31, 2017, all advantages of this card for current clients have been withdrawn. Would you like a credit card that will reward you for your daily expenses without charges for international business? Find out what our Reward Black credit card can do for you.

If you have a bank transfer from your bank using your Giro kontoke, the annuity will be reimbursed. Take advantage of or take advantage of your Black rewardsccount. Do I have another rewards bankroll?

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