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When you have many credit cards or a large overdraft facility, they will be less keen on lending. I' m Martin Lewis about raising your credit rating, Hot Topics. Whether it's the purchase of a home, the furnishing of the living room or the purchase of a new vehicle, your credit standing can have a serious influence on these big acquisitions. So, how can you boost it to make sure you don't miss it? Here Martin Lewis is with his indispensable handbook - which includes the message that the Experian credit reference bureau will now add the rental to your files - which means that timely payment can also help in building up your credit ratings.

When is creditworthiness used and what is it? If you' re applying for a loan - not just credit, mortgage and credit card lines, but also power on acceptance giros, check deposits, auto insurances, cell phone contracts and more - creditors try to forecast your behavior on the basis of your past.

You do this by using the information on your request sheet, any previous transactions they have had with you and the information stored at one of the credit bureaus (your credit file). When you have had issues or no historical data to forecast, you are expecting rejection or more expensive product. Could you find out your credit rating?

Each of the three most important credit bureaus offers you a credit rating - on the basis of various key figures. A lot of folks are hanged on "my credit rating has fallen by 10 points because I canceled a credit card" - but this is just the work on a small amendment that the credit rating agency is guessing. A lot of folks also complained to me: "I have a flawless credit rating, but I was rejected".

However, your credit rating does miss some important information that creditors have on your claim dossier. You use that to do an affordability test, so even the best creditor can be refused if he can't afford to pay back. This is how you best see the credit rating you get as a lose indicator.

Does your credit record differ from your credit rating? They have a record at each of three credit bureaus detailing all your credit operations, how well you are repaying, whether you had any debt or district judgments. Now you can do it for free by registering with some particular credit control associations.

Unless you wish to register for one of the above programs, you have the right to receive your free copy - see Equifax, Experian and TransUnion (formerly Callcredit). Now, timely payment of the lease can increase your creditworthiness. Individuals renting or renting council homes can choose a free system named Exchange Rentals, which captures lease payment in your credit reports.

Paying on schedule could increase your points - and with it your capacity to get a mortgages, credit cards, etc. Failure to repay the rental on schedule will damage your points, so think twice before signing up if you're afraid you'll be too late. Your rental fee will be calculated based on the number of points you've earned. In fact, the system has been working in the back for 2 years, with 1.2 million tenant payment records, but the payment records were only made available in people's personal data last month, so it now has a true influence on how companies rate you.

Conversely, the best way to (re)build your credit rating is to get credit and use it well. Obviously this is a 22-fit, the question is how do you get credit if you have a bad credit story. Nevertheless, there are specific credit (re)construction maps that are simpler to get, such as Aqua Advance or Marbles maps.

Then, after about six month to a year, you'll begin to write a proper story. The best way to do this is through an authorization tester who will show you which of these tickets you are most likely to use. Additional uses, especially in a shorter period of your life, can affect your creditworthiness.

Failure to do so makes it more difficult to obtain credit, as this can lead to identification and traceability problems. Once I did a television cash transaction for a female who is sensing to buy a residence that could not product out why she had been unemployed for a security interest. Whilst toggling is something I usually advocate, a banking deposit for a reasonable period of your life often will help to get your point number, so don't toggle it just before a mortgages request.

When your credit card spreadsheet is associated with someone else through a specific item, creditors can see their story when you are rated, so be cautious if they have a poor story. It' s about whether the real thing is common - so you have a common hypothec, a common credit, a common bank and sometimes a common electricity bill. Applying when can have a big influence.

Requests remain in your credit file for one year. Distribute them out and do the most important first e.g., don't apply first for a bank account if you want a home loan. Cashing out on credit card can damage your scores. It is not only costly, but creditors also see it as proof of bad moneylending.

However, the only way it is reasonable is to use a special foreign credit or debit cards when taking out money abroad.

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