Borrow Money Online now

Lend money online now

You can apply online to borrow money directly from our website. Could this purchase or cost wait until you have saved - or do you need it now? Confirm the amount you wish to borrow up to your limit. When you need it, sign up online and the money will be available within an hour. Well, what if I want to borrow more?

The GMB Credit Union for GMB Members to Savings and Lend Money

GMB is the credit union for GMB members and their relatives at the national level. Established in 1999 by GMB as an alternate ethics saver and creditor, we are 100% privately held and run by GMB members. Members' life insurance benefits are fully covered by FSCS up to £75,000. It is your credit cooperative and if you are a GMB member, you are entitled to immediately request a member credit, there is no need to make a saving before taking out a credit.

Join your Loan Union today and join our ongoing drive for greater economic integration by providing easy, safe and social finance for all. Credits are judged according to a member's repayment capacity. However, we may ask for further supportive information and seek and disclose loan information to information bureaus.

Keep in contact with your saving via our online credit query or ask for an invoice if necessary.

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It'?s so simple to borrow money these times, but not so simple to repay.......

When I look at the page, she says to me that bad loans are not a concern because the loans are only lent to me for 31 trading day, and in fact she says to me that most creditors specialize in those who have a story of good loans, so if I have a bad loan (I don't), I shouldn't be worried!

With a £750 credit, the amount to be repaid within 31 business day would be 937.50 - almost 200 to borrow for a period of one time. Certainly it's just a legalized credit shark, no?

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