Borrowing Money to Invest in Property

lend money to invest in real estate

As radical as it sounds, you can always save until you have the money. Rent it against your own house. They may have little money, but a lot of equity in your own house. Hire rooms in your house.

Credit Regulations for Buy-to-Let Inventors

As of September 2017, lessors with four or more buy-to-lease objects will have to meet different requirements to obtain mortgages, as they will be regarded as "portfolio investors" under new regulations that will be implemented by the regulator. To meet the landlord's actuarial standard, creditors will look at overall revenue versus borrowing across all of a landlord's real estate assets to make sure that any new borrowing does not compromise affordable access to other real estate within the portfolios.

Furthermore, in some cases the creditor also takes into consideration the individually deserved income/ salaries of the lessor. However, the real situation is that the vast majority will not be affected. According to a 2013 Strategic Society Centre poll, 72% of PRS owners had only one leased property and 12% had three or more.

Another poll of 1,071 lessors conducted by YouGov on Shelter' request in mid-2015 showed that 59% had a buy-to-lease, 32% between two and four. It also showed that 45% of lessors fully possessed their property(s) without mortgages and another 40% had a 50% or less value credit.

It is therefore unlikely that the buy-to-lease segment will be severely affected by the new regulations. As for those who own four or more homes, as well as those who currently have three and are planning to buy a quarter, the amendment is likely to mean a more restricted selection of creditors and items when they come to buy or refinance.

However, it is realistic to say that only those who have heavily indebted real estate and do not see much in the way of liquidity will be affected. Some of the most important ideas for you to move forward are if you already belong to the "portfolio investor" group or are considering expanding your investment into one: you are:

A number of smaller creditors, in particular Bausparkassen, have chosen not to offer buy-to-lease mortgage loans to existing portfolios, given the additional work needed to comply with the new regulations. So if you have four or more homes, you should immediately turn to your creditor to find out: They can help you securitize new loans elsewhere, for example by giving you a little more free rein before your business expires.

This probably includes for every property you own: Since some of these can take a while and can slightly differ from creditor to creditor, ask your brokers for a full listing of what you need to deliver as early as possible. So, if you haven't done a buy-to-lease asset check in the last six month, now is definitely the right moment.

If you have one, work with your accountant, mortgagor, and asset management firm to evaluate your overall volume of debt compared to your asset base, and obtain guidance on whether you may need to make changes to minimize the probability that you will encounter difficulty obtaining mortgages in the near-term.

Alternatively, if you are a lessor and have doubts about the possible financing possibilities for a new mortgages or mortgages, please contact us and one of our advisors will be pleased to discuss your option with you.

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