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<: BRIDGE FACILITY ENGINEERS LTD. Bridging Facilities Engineering Limited can offer the real estate management solutions by offering a comprehensive range of servicesupport packages available from a one-stop shop with a one-stop telephone call. All our engineering staff are fully qualified and have all the necessary skills to perform installations and servicing. PLANT MENAGEMENT - ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL ENGINEER.

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If you would like to get in touch with us about our real estate, investments or partnership developments, you can do so by filling in the following outlines. As an alternative, you can also fill out the fast track enquiry form/send an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Credit life cycle management transaction lifecycle management transaction lifecycle management

Our clients include bilaterals, clubs and revolving credit facilities. Either we act on behalf of a group of individual lending institutions through our Credit Agency Services or on behalf of a group of lending institutions (including straight lenders) with credit portfolio through our Credit Servicing Position. We tailor our credit services to your needs. Our company specializes in the provision of services for:

We also supply Facility Agent, Security Agent and other related Facility Agency and Adminstration through the Loan IQ-Plattform. In this way, both basic and sophisticated consortium lending business with large consortia of creditors is comprehensively supported. Credit markets are developing at a rapid pace, pushed by stricter rules in the postal finance age.

Increasing emphasis on regulatory issues and conflict of interest creates a need for truly autonomous services. Provider with the know-how and infrastucture to assist easy and complicated credit business; provision of agency services for credit portfolio and serving credit portfolio on order of directly lenders/credit fund. The services we provide enable efficient communications between the various stakeholders in the funding lifecycle, from deal structure to ultimate placing and allocation of the credit.

Our understanding of the equity market, our understanding of market developments and our in-house expertise enable us to comprehensively manage a large number of credit operations. Assistance includes: customized bookkeeping and financial report management tools to keep abreast of every single credit in the group. Agility: a full spectrum of services for creditors. At all levels of the credit life cycle, we are able to work in industrial and emerging market environments.

Our services can cover both basic and large, sophisticated consortium operations.

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