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All you need to know about foreign real estate financing and bad bridging loans - In recent years, property values abroad have fallen by up to 70 per cent. For this reason, more UK citizens are taking advantage of the opportunity to buy holidays and cottages at a price far below what they would otherwise be paying. To ensure that these operations are carried out as quickly as possible, British citizens are turning to short-term finance in the shape of bridge credits to facilitate the operations.

This is a good way to bridge the mortgage and buy price divide, but it is also important to consider the implications of making a transaction or not finding long-term finance. Are there any developments on the foreign residential property markets? In recent years, the value of vacation and target houses in other European markets has fallen sharply.

Florida residential has seen real estate values drop 70 per cent due to subprime problems, and even populous nations like Spain have experienced similar declines - stats show that there are about 700,000 vacant vacation houses in Spain and real estate values in some seaside areas have fallen nearly 50 per cent.

Often, the buyer submits an offering that is lower than the sale value of the real estate and wins the business because the vendor knows that the real estate will eventually be for sale. Buyer and vendor know that it is timely to move when these transactions come about, so bridge credits are the best way to provide short-term funding for real estate and semi-commercial building developments.

The latest research shows that credit for real estate investments abroad has risen by 22 per cent in recent years alone. What is the use of bridge credits to buy holiday homes? The enormous drop in real estate prices that can be seen in many favourite places is causing UK citizens to crawl to get their fingers on their homes.

The majority of the offers available on these houses are short-term and demand the fastest possible funding. Whilst it may take some quality timeframe to obtain a conventional home loan, interim funding can be quickly organised to complete the sale and gain valuable long period funding. While bridge credits help fill the void, it is important to keep in mind that there can be some serious pecuniary implications if something goes awry in the purchasing proces.

If you are considering how to fund real estate auctions, many will choose the pace and comfort of bypassing. Which risks are involved in covering loan defaults on house purchase? While lenders are fast to provide funding for vacation home buying, it doesn't come without a prize - interest on these credits can range from 1.2 to 1.

Dependent on the house buying scenario, lenders may ask lenders to secure both the house bought and the borrower's actual home. It is a major exposure for the obligor if the transaction fails or if the obligor defaults on the loan. In the event of a failure, debtors loose both their vacation home and their present home to the creditor.

Now that the overseas residential property markets are declining, many British citizens are taking the chance to buy their ideal cottage. Although the transactions cannot be called into question, it is important to consider the pricing and the risk associated with using a bridge loan to complete the operation. Even though bridge credits are conceived for quick funding and even for the acquisition of investment, they have a very high cost in the form of interest rate.

In addition, creditors' riskier operations often require more collateral than conventional operations and have the ability to endanger both the borrower's vacation home and his place of residency.

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