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Loans for bridging branches

Bridging loans can only be offered for properties within our business segment. A David & Goliath story Commenting on Bridge's prospects, Chief Growth Officer Neels Grobler said: "The firm has a presence of over 120 Bridge Loans branches in Southern Africa, where its main focus is uncovered loans to the emerging mid-range population. An overall general economic recovery and an unparalleled level of investments in the country's existing infrastructures have enabled Bridge to supply the Southern Africa markets with up to 150 million euros of insecure loans per months.

Our company is an absolutely retailing company. "Bridge's key factor for prosperity is its "focus on small, short-term, uncollateralised loans", which lasts an average of around six month. Bridging is also involved in technology innovations. All our credential score mechanisms ensure that we give the right amount to the right person.

The company is led by a vibrant management board comprising Emile Aldum, Clifford Coombe (Chief Legal Risk & Compliance Officer), Conrad Erasmus (Chief Operating Officer), Chief Financial Officer Michael de Klerk and of course Grobler himself. In spite of a general mood of confidence, the uncertain financing environment is not without its problems.

To a large extent Bridge is a business that wants to assert itself on the market. "Grobler acknowledges that the microcredit sector certainly also has its own set of problems when it comes to ensuring appropriate investments for our sector. "Last year, the uncollateralised banking sector faced major problems. Larger actors in the uncollateralised loan sector began to see a much higher degree of endangered loans than before.

What distinguishes us from them, however, is that we are a larger, more legitimately positioned role model in this heavily regulatory landscape, able to respond quickly and adapt to changes in the economy and sectoral demands. We believe it is essential to be ethically sound and a reliable supplier of uncollateralised loans to the retailing world.

" Bridge's capacity to work outside conventional borrowing environments is one of the factors that makes Bridge's prospects so positive. "We differ from the major bank sceneries in the way that we offer short-term loans in smaller sizes - our current mean disbursed loans are close to R2,800, while major lenders are in the R30,000 to R40,000 range, and this type of facility is available over a much longer time frame.

The financing of uncollateralised loans also has its own set of risks, which is why Bridge pursues a long-term savings policy. It requires both a leveraged and an own funds financing scheme to increase momentum in the uncollateralised lending markets and unlock opportunities by providing various above-average finance solutions to prospective buyers.

An example of this is the Bridge savings bond. The Bridge will also make private label products directly available to low-income consumers by excluding intermediaries, i.e. corporative banks. South Africa does not traditionally have a powerful austerity policy, but by selling loans at an opening rate of 50,000 R and then reducing the rate to a minimal of 1,000 R, Bridge is making a genuine effort to offer its credit users an opportunity to become an investor.

That is not the only way Bridge has undertaken to'return' its clients. Bridge's commitment to society is highly dynamic, with its ongoing commitment to school projects, sponsoring sports teams and making frequent contributions to the Orphanage Association. It is also involved in raising awareness of tax responsibilities and making informed choices about its financials through its financials literacy programs.

Bridge's clients are not the only ones to be treated positively. Bridging employs nearly 700 people, most of them in over 120 offices throughout South Africa. Bridge has been a trademark for many years. Bridging has certainly worked tirelessly to ensure this by using the service of King James (one of South Africa's leading marketers and advertisers) and working with Jam Factory to develop its unique style.

Recently, the well-known Faction Media House entered into a strategy alliance with Bridge to improve, implement and further reinforce its own merchandising strategy and plan. However, it is really the company's challenge that has made Bridge such a rewarding workplace. "A certain amount of money is available for education at all company level.

Humans add as much to bridge as we do to them. Bridging looks resolutely into the distant future and expands its range of products and service. Bridge currently has a 1% slice of the uncertain loan markets in Southern Africa. "Our aim is to triple or quadruple our overall audience over the next four to five years.

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