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Prizewinning Bridge Finance and Bridge Finance UK Borrower who want to buy a real estate at auctions can use bridge-loans. When this is the first credit you take out on your home, our advisors can help you determine the most appropriate credit conditions. We provide a stress-free financial services with competitively priced interest and without advance charges.

When you have already securitised a credit or mortgages against your real estate, we can help you obtain further finance. We have second loans ranging from £100,000 to £5,000,000,000. This is an award-winning bridge financier. With our fast and simple lending procedure, you can lend with confidence, because you know that your credit will be supplied when and how you need it.

Since 2008, MTF has been providing interim financing. During this period, we have been very pleased to support many real estate pros, entrepreneurs and private persons with their financing needs. We have a strong reputational position in the marketplace by offering expedient loans at reasonable interest and our credit methodology is something for which we are always recognized in the wider investment banking world.

Over the years we have received several accolades such as " Best Services from a Bridging Finance Provider" at the Business Moneyfacts Award 2017, "Best Bridging Finance Provider" at the Business Moneyfacts Award 2016, "Best Bridging Lender" at the Financial Reporters Award 2015 and "Best Services from a Bridging Finance Provider" at the Business Moneyfacts Award 2014.

In 2014 we were appointed Short-Term of the Year by NACC. If you are not a status-linked creditor, we do not need documentary evidence of your previous loans, bank account or earnings. Instead, we look at the real estate and hear the reasons for a mortgage when we make a choice. We do not have long applications to fill out and our practical nature allows us to quickly and easily handle an interim financing proposal.

When it comes to providing clear and effective interim financing, the only option is to choose according to your needs. Whats Bridging Finance? Bridge financing is a form of lending aimed at helping a debtor reach a short-term objective and pay back when he has received a major financing or sales resource or real estate. Cases where bridge financings are frequently used are examples:

Facilitate the conclusion of the acquisition of a real estate after an auction activity or when the focus is on spending your money. Temporary financing in this connection is often described as auctions financing. Refinance away from a delinquent mortgages that leaves room for the seller to sell the real estate (release of an LPA recipient) and allows the seller to obtain an open fair value for the real estate rather than a foreclosed value).

It is often termed non-status financing. Release of shareholders' funds from an existing real estate held as a financial asset for the acquisition of another further real estate. Raising funds to exploit a commercial possibility (often termed 2 nd batch Purposes or 2 nd batch Loan). Whilst MTF is receiving a large amount of uncomplicated daily funding requests, we are particularly proud of our capacity to support agents and proposers in more tricky cases.

Borrower cannot separate from bridge loans with longer-term funding from conventional creditors for a variety of factors, such as delays in contractor due to construction difficulties or obtaining construction permits, and broader mortgage backed markets. Sometimes it can only be due to the fact that the maturity of the initial bridge credit was too brief.

The MTF is able to bridge back outstanding bridge loans and look at a number of complicated cases.

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