Bridge Loans for Residential Real Estate

Loans for bridging residential property problems

Real Estate Finance | Development Finance | Bridge Loans | Great Britain Headquartered in London, the UK office has over 100 years of real estate financing, real estate developer financing and consulting expertise. We maintain strong top-level relations with a wide range of financials including pension and equity mutuals, real estate investment companies, insurance companies, banking & Investment banking, special pan-European, U.S. and Near Eastern investment companies, personal investment companies and mezzanine financiers.

Our long-term relationship provides us with rapid exposure to various forms of financing, such as private equities and outside financing, and the right tailor-made mix. Our real estate financing and financing services range from 50,000 to 500 million pounds from pre-planning to finalisation. We are committed to the highest demands as financing specialists for real estate developments and can therefore offer you a financing solutions for your real estate project or business, quickly, transparently and tailor-made, exactly according to your needs.

Every customer is different for us and every case is different, so we talk and study your needs and desires and create a customized financing plan that meets your needs when you need it. With our in-depth financial expertise and long-term relationships, we are able to obtain exclusively real estate financing deals that are not available anywhere else.

Our relations with the creditors are trustworthy. Our highly effective staff of over 100 years of professional expertise offers you the best real estate financing solutions for your real estate business. No matter if you need a one-time financing or a complex structure line of credit to raise more funds for new business, we will find the best possible financing option to meet your needs.

Whats real estate development financing? Real estate developer financing is used by real estate development companies to financing a large number of construction plans, renovation or refurbishment work. is the gross development value (the value of the completed project), also known as the GDV.

Which companies can profit from financing by developers? Of all the real estate financings we arranging and to which we have direct acces, real estate financing is our specialty. Our structured promotional loans are uniquely in the way that we take the initiative to hear and appreciate your needs, your demands and desires for your current project and your potential business in the near term.

In addition, we work long-term with development professionals who understand their present and prospective needs and demands and help them realize more project from their pipelines to help them achieve growth and fulfill their envision. Several of the ventures we receive are funds and capital:

In this way we can help your real estate transaction to quickly expand. When your real estate company is not able to move to the next stage at the right moment due to insufficient financial resources, call us today to talk about how we can support and work with you.

With over 100 years of real estate investment funding, corporate and real estate consulting expertise, we are the leading real estate investment firm in the UK and Europe. MAINSTRAM creditors, as well as bankers, will stop providing credit at 55%-60% of the credit volume and take only a small amount of credit when funding R&D. The credit risks will be low.

Our knowledge of the needs of financial organizations allows us to even provide 100% financial ltc (senior rate) capital to the right business. Since there are several ways to create, organize and present a credit request, we work in close collaboration with our customers to obtain the best financing facilities to meet their needs.

As a matter of course, why spend week or month waiting for a project to be decided on, we can give you an even quicker choice within a few working days of collecting all the necessary information and for your next loans once the right relation has been established. Unparalleled excellence in our after sales services is our top goal; we work with every single one of our customers to establish strong working relations with a member of our staff, not as a number to throw around.

Our staff members work from the very beginning right through to your specific requirements and can be contacted at any time. We have over 100 years of real estate financing and real estate expertise, our knowledge of real estate financing is unsurpassed, you will be faced with an experienced professional who understands the specifics of your business and can accompany you throughout your real estate investment.

Which kind of real estate financing and loans for investment and investment? Offering a wide variety of product for your designs, we examine the best and most advantageous financing options available to you. Several of the real estate financing arrangements that we can provide are among others: From £500,000 to 500 million+, we can provide and ensure real estate financing for all kinds of real estate from residential to non-residential, from redevelopment to new construction and much more, as long as your real estate projects are real estate driven, we may have the financing solution for you.

Financing is tailored to your needs, quick, responsive and can be structured in a wide range of different financing options to suit your project. Our expertise is to help you improve your real estate operations and make things better and more profitably as a result.

Rather than being real estate agents, we see ourselves as real estate financing specialists who can provide you with advice on all matters relating to real estate financing. Initially, you can use our on-line financing application to apply for a real estate loans and we will contact you within 24hrs.

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