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Program for the government 2018-19: September 4th, 2018: Discussions in the Scottish Parliament

Personally, I like to think that the First Minister thinks that Scottish folk are cups enough to believe what she says. After standing here twelve month ago saying that we need a bill for the "most drastic change" in our school system to make them better - when their standard has fallen under their supervision - she is standing here and saying that this bill will stand in our way.

Scottish men are not criminals. Because the SNP was unable to enforce it and because it was listening to the interests of those involved, the Prime Minister threw the bill into the trash. First Minister should not have been standing there and said that she cares so much about the kids in Scotland that she needed a radically bill and then dropped the bill and said it didn't play a role at all.

Because we want to know why the administration thinks it is right for there to be only 1,000 or less working day left before the next elections to return to more restraint and inactivity. As we have listened to how much was pledged, but not supplied in the past year, we are awarded the right to treat this year's program of the German Federal Administration with a strewn cargo of salts.

It has shown that it is very good at making pledges and consulting, but a little less vigorous when it comes to implementation and negotiation. On this year's draft laws, I would first like to say which of them have our backing so that we can continue with the examination, improvement and adoption of some laws in this House.

Mr President, we welcome the government's approval of the Finnish Act, which aims to raise the penalties available for the most serious acts of torture against animals, which include assaults on policemen's canines. Mr President, I would like to commend my fellow Member, Liam Kerr, who has worked untiringly on this subject, mobilized the help of tens of thousands of Scots and greeted Finn in Parliament before the Summerbreak.

With regard to the broader psychological healthcare agenda, I know that in recent years the industry has expressed concerns about a lack of ambitions for a psychological healthcare policy and a frustratingly belated action to prevent committing suicide. However, I am also aware of the fact that the Commission has not been able to reach an agreement with the Member States on this issue. Program is past due and the government still has some ground to make up. But she will have our full backing to ensure that the care and assistance is there for those who need it.

All of us have worked for voters who have been waiting too long for essential ministries; we have all seen a deepening awareness in our societies and societies of the importance of sanity; and we all now have the opportunity to give sanity the recognition it merits.

And I believe that all sides will endorse the idea. Likewise, I look forward to my party's widespread endorsement and commitment to action against FGM and the misuse of women. In the social field, we will be committed in a positive and responsible manner, as we did when the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 was passed.

As far as the business world is concerned, it was the Conservatives in Scotland who, in our 2016 manifesto, for the first time established the politics of their own business agent for the southern part of Scotland. It was a pleasure for us when the Scots Government took up the challenge and walked with it, and we endorse the legislative proposal that has been promised today, which will reinforce it.

We also welcome the emphasis on boosting export, with the creation of two new government centres in Scotland within the UK ambassadors in Dublin and Berlin. In the case of EVs, the new funds are welcome and necessary; about 1 percent of our cars are electrical, and at the present level Scotland would not be fully electrical for another 600 years.

Over the next four years, the Scots Government will be receiving 2 billion more in Barnett funds, and we will be waiting for a much more detailed statement on how this is to be used. As far as further information is concerned, there are actions here that we either cannot endorse or where we and the Scots general public need a much higher degree of detail.

Today's program provides that the draft bill on election reforms provides for a consultative process on the election of prisoners. It is our belief that those who perpetrate crime and are condemned to imprisonment will give up not only their right to freedom but also their right to vote, and we will resist any attempt to alter this situation.

As regards the right of citizens of the European Union to vote, we endorse the First Minister's obligations today, which reflect the undertaking given by the British Government last December. We in the Investmentbank welcome any action to assist small businesses, and we will review laws in good faith. 1. From what we have seen so far, however, there is nothing new or daring about rehabilitation projects for an umbrella institution that already largely operates in the Scottish umbrella of the Scottish umbrella organization and for which the SNP has essentially pledged.

The last year's scheme pledged a 36m pound expansion reserve, but by the beginning of last year only 2m pounds had been allotted. In the previous year, the SNP had pledged a 500 million pound loan and corporate investments endowment but it turned out to be largely a repayment of outstanding debt and last weekend we found that not a cent of credit had been given.

Hopefully it won't be like that at the Investmentbank. Regarding today's SNP activist scarlet beef, we Conservatives do not believe that we should respond to the question that arises when we abandon one EU by risking abandoning another that is more than four fold as much in terms of Scotland's commercial value, nor the Scottish population.

When we take the First Minister's announcements on psychological ill being announced out loud today, why did it take until the date we saw the most terrible thing - ever waiting for kids to be treated before the government took the action? Today's First Minister broadcast on FM promises the nation that it will increase its investment in hospital facilities, but why did we get into a slump before thinking about measures?

Seven years ago, who was the Secretary of Public Order who proposed a 20 per cent-reduction in training places for nurses? The First Minster was the same First Minster standing here looking for approval for the last desperate attempt to solve their own manufacturing issues. In the case of a small government, it is clear that parliament can act with more authority.

For example, as far as the Planning (Scotland) Bill is concerned, I'm not sure if anyone knows exactly what the government is trying to do. Wherever regulation has not kept pace with technological developments - for example in the near future - we are willing to work with everyone to deliver a level playing field for households in Scotland.

The Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Bill requires secure personnel, of course, but the Bill is juridical rubbish if it is not supported by politics. Although I may not be here personally for a while to drive our agendas forward, the Scottish Konservative Group will double its effort to fight for changes.

What we will advocate is that the additional investments that we know will flow into the NHS should be used to help and sustain community service across Scotland; to advocate genuine and root-and-branch measures in house building; to encourage more professional and technological training for young Afghans who opt not to go to college; and, above all, to call for the realities of the Scots Government's new way of thinking regarding economics to match today's clichés.

As we know, the government's own projections suggest that Scotland will face five years of sluggish economic expansion, the longest such episode since the Second world war. Scotland we believe should be the most appealing place in the UK to work, reside and do business. While we have the resource, the human and the industrial - everything but the climate - the government has clouded this claim with its anti-business agendas.

Scotland's lower annual GDP since 2010 than the UK's is not something the government can play the horn for; it is something it needs to fix. We have good tidings to tell about the Scots business community and we plan to tell them.

Finally, I would like to say that the beginning of a new tenure is not the moment to be excessively judgmental, but given the clerosis in the government's protocol, it is prudent to be skeptical when we see that the SNP is wearing legal presents. Scottish Conservatives will resume this year the work for which we were elected: to bring the SNP government to justice, to resist forcefully when things go awry, and to resist constructively when we believe we can make it.

All the best to the old and new government minister as they tackle their tasks this year, but they should know that timing is not their boyfriend. It cannot allow the SNP government to be diverted either by noise or by an undesirable run on an even stronger institutional divide.

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