Bridge Money


What has enabled the Garden Bridge Trust to disburse £46 million for a non-existent bridge? Meinung / Meinung She may not be able to afford enough money to construct or run the bridge. - then we' re gonna free up the remainder of the money. And already we are here (Figure 1) - more than 46 million pounds issued and no bridge. One of the most obvious ways to think about spending on the Garden Bridge is to divide it into its three major stages:

Approximately 9.7 million was disbursed by LfL while the Foundation was still under construction. However, this is a problem because there is a suspicion of a "revolving door" that would later influence the work. Richard de Cani, then manager of PlanfL, was later included in crucial expenditure decision-making after accepting a new post at Arup (Figure 2).

Financing agreement between Target and GBT was concluded in July 2015. Between July 2015 and March 2016, £27 million of grants were donated by KfL to the Foundation. Approximately 3. 4 million was spend on providing law, real estate and design consultancy, but a full £23 million was spent: The question of how this can amount to 23 million pounds in just nine month is still a puzzle, even for the nearest officials of the GLA and GfL to the MEPs.

A August 2017 email conversation between GLA head of program Fiona Fletcher-Smith and TfL's Andy Brown shows how little they knew about how the GBT spend their scholarship: Such donors are commonly reproached for administering micromanagement ventures and expect to receive periodic updating on how the money is used.

It is not an appropriate supporter of a mayor's capricious domestic animal projects. Margaret Hodge did not neglect the National Audit Office's criticism of the ruling in her report: Last phase of spending refers to the trust's debt remaining at the end of the work.

Andy Brown of Andy Brown of TfL says this clearly in a postmortem e-mail from August 2017. If Khan had started the Hodge Review in his first months at the Bureau, most of the 9 million would have been spend before it was released. The truth is that a depreciation of 46 million pounds is little more than a round-off mistake if it is in the order of 10 billion pounds of TfL's total funding loss.

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