Bridge Mortgage Terms

Mortgage Bridge Terms and Conditions

You are all the terms associated with mortgages. Housing Bridge Financing - Harborough Markets Essential characteristics of our bridging loans: This is a short-term credit facility designed to bridge the difference between the purchase of one real estate and the purchase or renovation of another. It can be a new home, an apartment or even a new one. Credits are usually for less than 12 month and require a schedule of how the credit will be paid back, e.g.

the purchase of the real estate on which the credit is guaranteed; there are other ways of repaying which we can talk to you about.

Gives you more bargaining strength when buying a new home. They can buy your dream home when it arrives on the open before you sell it yourself, or quickly solve a real estate supply issue with minimal interruption. You can also use our resources to perform work on a piece of real estate, such as installing a new fitted kitchen or modernizing your home.

Our case-by-case assessment and personal approval of bridge credits is provided by our dedicated credit teams led by Chief Executive Mark Robinson. The Market Harborough Building Society offers bridge credits ranging from £200,000 to £2,500,000. As a rule, a bridge credit is paid back within one year. They have an individually tailored reimbursement schedule that is arranged according to your needs.

Even though you have an "end date", our bridge credits have no early payment penalties, so you can pay back your credit sooner than initially foreseen. So if you need a grace you can discuss it with us and we will be happy to assist you during your trip.

Please call us on 01858 412610 to see if the interim financing is right for you or discuss our effective recruitment procedure with us. You can repossess your home if you do not maintain your mortgage payments.

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