Bridging Finance

interim financing

Market Financial Solutions offers all our intermediaries and clients a range of fast and flexible bridging finance solutions. Bridge Finance - Market Financial Solutions | Bridge Finance | Investors | Financial intermediaries Bridge credits can be used in a wide range of ways to buy and renovate real estate. Below are some samples of the typical bridge financing applications we perform for our customers: Purchasers must make a payment within a certain period of time to conclude auctions.

It is often not possible to obtain a home credit from a borrower under these tight deadlines, so a bridging credit is the best way to get the financing you need quickly and make sure you stick to the schedules of the auctions. Failure by a purchaser to buy your real estate at the last moment can jeopardise your own business objectives.

Arrangement of interim financing allows you to pursue your acquisitions and gives you additional free space to dispose of your own assets. Bridging Finance is the ideal choice if you want to include a new home in your existing investment but don't want to miss the chance while your local banking institution is approving your request.

Bridge credits allow you to quickly generate large amounts of money - without going through a tedious recruitment procedure. When you are a real estate developer seeking a mortgage, it can take a long while if you do not have the resources to buy a full real estate with you. Our interim finance enables you to acquire the real estate you want in a timely manner and at the same place make other provisions for the long-term finance of the object.

A bridging credit can help you if you wish to buy an asset for development or renovation in order to resell it. The majority of mortgages on institutions demand that the ownership be in "habitable" conditions before they grant the credit. The Bridging Finance team will buy you enough money to refurbish the building to a level where the creditors will be pleased to finance your acquisition.

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