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Importance of bridge financing as a financing condition. British challengers' bench Masthaven starts operations Masthaven, a pure on-line bench, promises an alternate to the one-size-fit-all approaches of traditional bench, as it opens its door to UK clients. This start-up has become one of a series of new entrants to the UK's largest commercial lending industry after obtaining a private client license from the Prudential Regulation Authority and the UK's UK Finance Conduct Authority in April.

Says the organization has spend the last seven month creating a 100-strong support force, developing its technological platforms, and putting its product through its paces with clients. Masthaven Finance, the bridge financing specialist's spin-off, opens the new bench with a set of on-line fixed-rate banking solutions that allow clients to adjust maturities and interest according to their needs.

From the very beginning, bridging credits for home buyers and financing for the expansion of small and medium-sized housing construction are also available. Next year, a mortgages program will be launched for UK borrower who may have difficulty obtaining credit from large, incumbent creditors. Most of the new building is now in the possession of Andrew Bloom, the company's founding father, while the rest is in the possession of the Pears billionaires and Masthaven people.

She will be headed by Jon Hall, a former Safran Building Society Chief Executive who entered the company in December 2014.

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