Bridging Loan Criteria

Bypassing credit criteria

Are you looking for a personal bridging loan? Bridge the lending criteria - What you need for approval The result is a bridging credit mar -ket in which tariffs, commissions and interest rate levels differ widely from supplier to supplier. The same applies to the credit criteria that must be met by the applicant in order to be eligible for a bridging loan. Working with the widest possible range of creditors, we can offer our clients the following:

While most bridging loan providers grant credit for a period of up to 18 month, some provide up to 36 month credit periods. The provisions of the DCA restrict the duration of credit facilities to a limited 12-month period. If the loan is not paid back as stipulated, the creditor and the debtor conclude an arrangement whereby the contractor assumes title to the real estate.

However, the best transactions in interest rate and fee issues are those backed by real estate. Occasionally, bridging credits may be offered by services companies that are backed against other individual items and items, as well as automobiles and other motoring equipment, clocks, watches, jewelry, bullion and stone, ancient goods and works of art.

Contact us if you need more information about alternate collateral for a bridging loan. Bridging credits can be arranged for candidates anywhere in the UK: Credit lines are available nationwide: The majority of bridge financiers open their bridging finance solutions and provide their own bridging finance to companies and individuals as well. Whilst some creditors set upper ages, others do not.

Therefore, bridging credits can be particularly useful for those with: An interim loan can be used for any type of juridical purposes, e.g:

Bridging loan criteria

The following is a listing of bridging financial situation we may have handled in the past. As a one-stop real estate financier, we are able to cope with all possible scenarios: Loan to Value (LTV) up to 75% without collateral. 100 or more LTV with added safety.

There are no extra attorney charges or representations on certain specific product.

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