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Very impressive efficiency and friendliness of our services. Truly supportive and straightforward to serve, it made the whole thing easier and kept me up to date. We were very satisfied with all facets of the bridging loan that had been agreed for me. Whenever there were problems that needed our close scrutiny, they were very useful in giving us what we needed to put us in a good place to buy our fantastic cottage.

I' d like to say a big thank you to Lyndsey and Jerry for having been so helpful in settling my bridging loan. They have assisted me in every stage of the entire procedure, from pre-approval to the concluding detail. Those boys are incredibly kind and highly-specialized. My experiences with KIS bridging loans have been very encouraging.

Though I was about to take a loan from a trustworthy brokers, at the last minute I thought I'd see what other choices I had. Found KIS on the web and talked to Alan, who was kind and supportive. I got advice from Jerry Matthews and he found a loan that was saving me over 30,000 in fees for a 12 months loan.

Being always supportive and effective, I would like to thank Jerry and everyone at KIS for their support. Exceptional help and support. Great customer care. Can' thank you enough for your awesome work. After the failure of the disposal of our real estate, we had to quickly agree a bridging loan. The HIS were outstanding at helping us through the trial and tracking things when they were lagging behind.

HIS bridging credits have very wide reach in the markets, so they were able to offer me a wide range of choices in different phases of my work. Needed a loan for my new deal, but had a few ownership issues. Although I didn't fully understand these limitations myself, the Keep It Simple consultant fully grasped my circumstance and was unbelievably useful.

I was very touched by the services, especially the fact that it was always so simple to talk to my consultant, which is seriously lacking in today's world.

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