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Singapore bridging loan

is the first British bridge financier to enter Asia - Market Financial Solutions | Bridging Finance | Investors | Financial Brokers | Financial Brokers We are proud to announce the expansion of Market Financial Solutions (MFS) to Singapore and the establishment of a new branch and affiliate - Market Bridge Solutions (MBS). After establishing itself as one of the UK's foremost bridge financiers over the past 10 years, this thrilling trend responds to the increasing demand from borrowers in Singapore and Southeast Asia for alternatives to conventional primary financing.

This is a significant move for MFS, the UK's first bridge financier to Asia, to take full account of the region's fast-growing role as a financial, economic and capital spending centre. In addition, our choice is becoming more relevant given the strong growth of the real estate markets in Singapore - revenues in Singapore increased by 50% in the first half of 2017, with the nation having both industrial and private investments at its disposal.

In addition, the value of Singapore housing is projected to increase by 5.5% in 2018 - the highest forecast of any Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). British bridge markets have grown remarkably over the last ten years, with borrower appetite for quick credit to take advantage of the opportunity of real estate investments.

Leveraging the MFS knowledge and capabilities, MBS intends to transform this by raising the number of bridging loan recipients in Singapore and providing a quick, dependable and easily available response. Bridge Solution is offered: "MFS's continued growth in the Asia Pacific bridge franchise, which has become the UK's bridge franchise over the last ten years, marks a significant landmark for the business and demonstrates not only the need for alternatives in Asia, but also the need for MFS's industry-leading bridge franchises.

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What are the terms of the interim financing? ANNOUNCER: Any loan losses in the last 24 month? Did the claimant have a private hypothec? ANNOUNCER: Any loan losses in the last 24 month? Â If collateral is a home purchase to rent out real estate, has an investor ever been living in the real estate? In the case of a collateral purchase for rent, has an investor acquired the real estate?

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