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Bypassing credit specialists

Bridging Finance can assist clients with short-term bridging loans for their foreign real estate portfolios and is one of the few UK brokerage houses to do so. For example, in Germany, lenders cannot charge more than twice the interest rate for a loan. The THINK are bridge builders for credit specialists.

Bridging Credit Specialists International - Enness Bridging

Bridging provides a one-stop shop for customers who need short-term financing, but the vast majority identified it as an unsecured choice. For example, in Germany, creditors cannot calculate more than twice the interest on a loan. While in Spain ownership is often transferred from house to house, it is not considered an in-vestment.

Topics such as these are leading to a reticence on the part of creditors towards short-term credits, as they are seen as too high-risk. As a rule, in Europe the release of capital would only take place to buy a real estate while one waits for the actual real estate to be sold. This makes them far more willing to grant short-term credit to real estate companies internationally.

Our team of trustworthy appraisers is able to grasp the subtleties of valuation in different countries and can evaluate your real estate anywhere in the globe. Our lawyers can also help our customers, because the search for a contact person who can negotiate the different laws can also lead to difficulties. Lastly, our relation with the FX specialists Argentex allows us to help customers whose fund is in global forex.

When you are looking for short-term financing for your global real estate portfolios, contact our experienced real estate agents who will be pleased to meet with you to determine your needs.

Bridging credits liken everything in one place

Bridges are short-term financing options that are mainly used for real estate and developing activities, but also for commercial loans. Because of the limited duration of the loan, interest is calculated each month, with either no interest being payable each month or only interest and the principal/interest disbursed at the end of the loan period.

The THINK Bridging provides financing opportunities for a number of different scenarios, such as

Bridge credits - POSITIVE LEADING

We are the special agent of your choosing for bridging credits. Swiftness is important, which is why we have created an infra-structure that supports you in all aspects of the litigation, as well as the evaluation and litigation of your mandator. On a regular basis we provide interim financing for customers in the following situations: Speak with our bridge construction specialists 01202 850 830.

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