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Easy, fast and fair unsecured commercial loans from Esme Loans. In the case of fixed-interest loans, the interest rate is agreed at the time of the transaction. Lloyds Bank operates Halifax business loans. May help you achieve your business goals. Appropriate for most small and medium enterprises.

Loans at interest rates


When you need to finance investments, this flexibility but simplicity of corporate finance allows you to select the redemption schedule, and because the interest rates are set for an arranged maturity, you know exactly what your payment will look like over that time. As a rule, the redemption duration will depend on the lifetime of the assets you have purchased.

Interest on corporate loans | Business Banking

A handling charge, in this example 175, is levied when the payment exceeds the amount due. Notice: Loans are taken out according to credit standing and credit requirements. Our offered amount and percentage of overdrafts may vary depending on our evaluation of your circumstance. Those interest rates shall apply from 3 September 2018.

The interest rates may change from period to period in accordance with the interest rate of the Bank of England Bank. There is an £32 per ticket per year charge. Between £1,000 and 10,000 is possible, subject to our evaluation of your situation.

Commercial loan | Clydesdale Bank

It may be necessary to increase your financial resources in order to expand and/or maintain your business. The business loan from Clydesdale Bank can give you an opportunity to meet the recurring business bankers' needs. From £25,001 to 10,000,000,000 we can arrange a loan. Optionally either static or floating interest rates or a mixture of both*.

The use of a fixed-rate options may result in a prepayment penalty in the case of early redemption during the life of the fixed-rate options. Maturity of up to 15 years on floating interest rates and 5 years on floating interest rates. Every credit is conditional on standing and the applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

The interest rates are arranged on an individual basis and the amount invoiced to you depends on your particular situation. In the case of floating interest rates loan, the borrowing interest is calculated on the London Inter Bank Offered Rates (LIBOR). In the case of fixed-interest borrowings, the interest rates are set at the date of the transactions. Talk to an account executive for more detail.

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