Business Credit Monitoring Companies

Credit monitoring companies

Corporate credit monitoring | Checking the creditworthiness of associated third parties By monitoring the credit activities of your supplier, customer, supplier and other third groups, your organization can improve transparency and anticipate problems. Credit monitoring of your business will ensure that your business is always one pace ahead to help identifying temp sellers, adjusting your payments and diversifying your sources of income when a third party's credit value falls.

Kuoni, a long-haul travel agent, is a leader in tailor-made and luxurious holiday travel with over 80 travel locations around the globe. Kuoni based its business audit in Great Britain on costly Expert Reviews in order to release clients. This cost prevented them from being able to validate all clients at will. Part of this is providing every business with cost-effective and full credit rating services.

Kuoni can use this information to readily verify its business clients and keep abreast of client activities as important changes occur. In this way, Kuoni saves valuable working hours, simply adjusts the credit limit and reduces the risks. Now Kuoni is no longer restricted to checking the creditworthiness of potential high-risk clients and is in a position to make the client validating procedure more pro-active.

Helping us to control the credit limit established for clients and to raise or lower the limit accordingly. It also gives us a detailed insight into all business operations and units associated with a company.

Enifax hack: A massive amount of computer attacks means that many individuals have had their data taken without even realizing it.

Intel's computer attacks allowed a hacker to rob 143 million Americans of paying insurance numbers and other sensitive information. Some of the data that had been stole consisted of name, national insurance number, date of birth and driver's license number. "This is a ten in relation to possible ID fraud on a one to ten scale," said Avivah Litan, Gartner safety advisor.

"Loan offices store so much information about us that affects almost everything we do. Sometimes credit assessments are even carried out by an employer when they decide whom to recruit for a particular position. "This is not the largest loss of information in time. However, no social security numbers or driver's licence information was posted during the Yahoo break-in.

"Litan said this really erodes their credibility." Equifax's share price fell 13 per cent to $124. 10 in expanded trade after the violation was announced. Mr John Gamble, directeur financier d'Equifax, Rodolfo Ploder, président de force de travail d'Equifax, et Joseph Loughran, président de US Information Solution von Equifax. Equifax said in a follow-up explanation that the three managers "had no idea that a slump had taken place at the date of the sale of their stocks.

As Equifax cautioned, a hacker may also have some "limited information " about UK and Canadians.

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